The sigla of Finnegans wake by Roland McHugh

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Очередная брошюра из серии «Maler und Werk» о жизни и творчестве французского живописца-пейзажиста Мориса Утрилло (1883 - 1955). Книга иллюстрирована репродукциями картин и рисунками знаменитого художника.

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I. 7 is t:'s biography as furnished by A. It is the most autobiographical episode in FW and its 'low hero' shares numerous morbid symptom s with Joyce. He exhibits megalomania, paranoia, masochis m, alcoholism and physical infirmity, including an eye disease which occasions scopolam ine treatment and the wearing of a black patch. 24 travesties the Joyce household. 22--6). Like Stephen, he is subjected to personal violence near a brothel. Messrs Hart and Knuth10 point out the relationsh ip of the address to that of Bella Cohen's establishm ent in 'Circe'.

Cn Clondolkin • ,~ ---.. ~·-· e Nl"'""""'*-tle So9110rt • /I'·~ T11laght IKingnownl Dllkly • O Dal~ey. fi\'~nogvln • Island Rock Moun Din Hill of Allen • K I l TMCurrlgh Pundlostow no Racecourw •Blessington Humphrystown Brklgo W I C K Meeting of the Waters L .. f. I I I I 01234M il,. Figure 2 Localities in the Dublin region used in Finnegans Wake. Chapter 3 A Roles of A in Book lll . Book I occurs in the daytime and contemplates the dark creature 1:, book III at night before the radiant A. Joyce called its four chapters the watches of A, implying a parallel with the four watches of the night in Roman history: Conticinium, Concubium, lntempesta Nox and Gallicinum.

2 1-2). The repres entati on of 1: as Esau depriv ed by Jacob 's stratag em is promi nent throug hout FW. As in book I, X are in quest of m . 4 it is strang e that this episode should remai n as a watch of A. A has been displa ced as an interm ediary no longer of significance and occupies the minor role of the child Kevin asleep upstai rs. His broth er Jerry (1:) is asleep in the same bed.. 17 -30? ~ If this demon strate s a contin uity of narrat ion, a contip uity of subject is'dem onstra ted by Mr.

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