The principles and practice of modern house-construction Т3 by G. Lister Sutcliffe

By G. Lister Sutcliffe

Прекрасный справочник в шести томах, содержащий все разделы, необходимые для проектирования и постройки зданий

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266, the effect of which is that t trap Incomes a sort of permanent reservoir of soapy water. lc frequently of the most objectionable nature. of the lwusin,from the bottom of which a hole A sinking is made on each perforated through the marble or porcelain, and the outlet connected by a is pipe to the waste-pipe or trap. The draining pipes to these sinkings speedily become choked, and in course of time very foul with decomposing soap. The materials of which lavatory basins are generally made are porcelain, glazed or and enamelled iron stoneware, fireclay ; they can of course be made of tinned c opper and of galvanized iron, but neither of these % materials difference is in common use.

Work. hospital It is, is of great strength; it glazed fire-clay, white inside and tinted outside, and is which built into the wall. requires no other support than the projecting piece The overflow and waste are separate, the back of the basin being recessed to and waste are joined into are drained by means of small channels receive the overflow; under the basin the overflow one The sinkings pipe. , rim of the basin. Fig. 268 shows a good form of porcelain lavatory basin, which can be fixed either with or without a wood casing.

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