The People's Bible: The Remarkable History of the King James by Derek Wilson

By Derek Wilson

Contributor note: Diarmaid MacCulloch (Foreword)

The tale of 1 of the main influential, provocative, bold tasks of its day—the translation of the Bible into English

Beautifully offered and in accordance with broad scholarly learn, this available quantity lines the interesting background of the approved model of the King James Bible from its earliest predecessors via its awesome effect at the church, literature, and wider society in the course of the English talking world. In 1604, the hot King James I convened a gathering at Hampton court docket to handle the matter of the Puritans. the advice, considered one of unheard of political and spiritual value, was once for the authorization of a brand new translation of the Bible, one who will be available to the typical humans, and person who will be put in each Church in his realm. inside 3 years a group of forty seven students on six committees had all started paintings in Oxford, Cambridge, and Westminster, and the fruit in their labors—the approved Version—was released in 1611.

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