The Legend of Bagger Vance: A Novel of Golf and the Game of by Steven Pressfield

By Steven Pressfield

In the melancholy yr of 1931, at the golfing hyperlinks at Krewe Island off Savannah's windswept shore, legends of the game—Bobby Jones and Walter Hagen—meet for a enchanting thirty-six-hole showdown. one other golfer also will compete—a afflicted neighborhood struggle hero, as soon as a champion, who comes together with his mentor and caddie, the mysterious Bagger Vance. it really is Vance, sage and charismatic, who will eventually consultant the fit, for he holds the key of the actual Swing. And he by myself can convey his protege the best way again to glory.

Written within the spirit of Golf within the Kingdom and The common, The Legend of Bagger Vance unearths the real nature of the sport in a narrative that's unforgettable.

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And now here he was. In our city. Crossing the causeways in an open car toward our own Krewe Island. From our perch atop Albert’s watermelon truck, my brother and I could see the glistening wetlands extending ahead for half a dozen miles and, rising out of them by the sea, the towers of Krewe Island’s grand hotel. It was a pilgrimage. The motorcade stretched a hundred cars ahead and hundreds more behind; Model A’s and Plymouths, Reos and Auburns and Packards, crawling, sputtering, backfiring from their sizzling-hot, trembling exhausts.

Invergordon Girls were the elite. They wouldn’t deign even to speak to Burr’s girls or Dawson’s, so total was their disdain for these competing plebeian establishments. Invergordon Girls dressed in Scottish tartans and brought drinks, flatware and condiments with a smile and special twirl that they learned at the Invergordon finishing schools. Young boys would just gawk with their jaws slack, and girls couldn’t wait to grow up and twirl at some newer and even more glamorous Invergordon’s. There was a Mr.

Savannah’s pride had now been officially trodden upon. The Judge’s supporters swelled. The convocation divided into two equally rabid bands: those who saw the golf match, and the subsequent success of Krewe Island, as essential to Savannah’s economic survival, and those who declared that survival be damned, we had endured defeat in war with less of a blow to our honor and manhood! The atmosphere was explosive. No matter how fevered the indignation at Adele Invergordon’s affront to the city, all knew that the match must go on, Savannah was desperate for it economically.

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