The Enlightened Cyclist: Commuter Angst, Dangerous Drivers, by BikeSnobNYC

By BikeSnobNYC

The thrill of commuting through motorbike allure rankings of latest converts each year. yet as fresh-faced cyclists fill the roads, in addition they stumble upon their percentage of frustrations—careless drivers, wide-flung automobile doorways, zoned-out pedestrians, and competitive fellow cyclists, to call a number of. during this follow-up to the best-selling Bike Snob, BikeSnobNYC takes at the trials and triumphs of motorcycle commuting with snark, humor, and exuberance, asking the query: If we develop into greater commuters, will that make us greater humans? From the lethal sins of cycling to strategies for facing automobiles, pedestrians, and different cyclists, this primer on motorcycle go back and forth is a must-read for cyclists new and professional alike.

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Our commute is the void between our homes and our jobs and our recreation and our socializing—all arenas in which mutual 32 The Enlightened Cyclist respect and compassion are (ideally) already the norm—and if we can fill that void with benevolence instead of indifference, we can embark upon our commute with excitement instead of apprehension and emerge on the other side of it even happier than we were when we started. We don’t even need bike lanes or federal funds or more efficient vehicles for that—we can do it using exactly what we have.

Later, the Romans also worshipped these gods, though they gave them different names for trademark reasons—Aphrodite became Venus, Ares became Mars, Eros became Cupid, and so forth. In other words, they took the same basic idea and changed it slightly, kind of like Microsoft did with the iPod when they released the Zune. Anyway, one of these Greek gods was Hermes (or, if you prefer the Microsoft version, Mercury). Hermes was the messenger of the gods, and he used to wear very trendy winged boots and carry messages from Olympus to the humans.

Shockingly, this didn’t work either, so a bike messenger organized a naked bike ride just to make sure that any Hasidim who weren’t already thoroughly offended were cured of any residual sympathy. Being winter though, pretty much nobody showed up. Alas, after this the media wandered away from the slapfight, which had devolved from compelling to pathetic. Arguably, the Hasidim “won,” though one might also argue that it was the Hipsters who defeated themselves. In any case, Hipsters can take solace in the fact that any victory that discourages scantily clad people from riding through a neighborhood is a hollow one at best.

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