The coming race by Edward Bulwer Lytton

By Edward Bulwer Lytton

The arrival Race through Edward Bulwer Lytton - the radical tells the tale of a tender, independently prosperous vacationer (the narrator), who unintentionally unearths his means right into a subterranean, unusual global occupied through beings who appear to resemble angels and make contact with themselves Vril-ya. this can be a vintage best-seller and an excellent inventive tale that would depart you short of extra.

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This indrawn sound of Z seems indeed naturally appropriate to fondness. ” I cannot quit this subject, however, without observing by what slight changes in the dialects favoured by different tribes of the same race, the original signification and beauty of sounds may become confused and deformed. Zee told me with much indignation that Zummer (lover) which in the way she uttered it, seemed slowly taken down to the very depths of her heart, was, in some not very distant communities of the Vril-ya, 53vitiated into the half-hissing, half-nasal, wholly disagreeable, sound of Subber.

Their compounds are very expressive; thus, Bodh being knowledge, and Too a participle that implies the action of cautiously approaching,Too-bodh is their word for Philosophy; Pah is a contemptuous exclamation analogous to our idiom, ”stuff and nonsense;” Pah-bodh (literally stuff and nonsense-knowledge) is their term for futile and false philosophy, and applied to a species of metaphysical or speculative ratiocination formerly in vogue, which consisted in making inquiries that could not be answered, and were not worth making; such, for instance, as ”Why does an An have five toes to his feet instead of four or six?

These intercommunicating tracts were always kept lighted, and the expense thereof defrayed by a special tax, to which all the communities comprehended in the denomination of Vril-ya contribute in settled proportions. By these means a considerable commercial traffic with other states, both near and distant, was carried on. The surplus wealth on this special community was chiefly agricultural. The 61community was also eminent for skill in constructing implements connected with the arts of husbandry.

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