The Coming of God: Christian Eschatology by Jurgen Moltmann

By Jurgen Moltmann

Winner of Grawemeyer Award during this striking and well timed paintings - in lots of methods the end result of his systematic theology - world-renowned theologian Jurgen Moltmann stands Christian eschatology on its head. Moltmann rejects the conventional procedure, which specializes in the top, an apocalyptic finale, as a type of Christian look for the "final solution." He facilities as an alternative on desire and God's promise of latest production for all issues. "Christian eschatology," he says, "is the remembered desire of the elevating of the crucified Christ, so it talks approximately starting afresh within the lethal end." but Moltmann's novel framework, deeply educated by means of Jewish and messianic idea, additionally fosters wealthy and inventive insights into the perennially nettling questions of eschatology: Are there everlasting existence and private identification after loss of life? How is one to consider heaven, hell, and purgatory? What are the old and cosmological dimensions of Christian wish? What are its social and political implications. In a heartbreakingly fragile and fragment global, Moltmann's complete eschatology surveys the Christian vista, bravely envisioning our "horizons of expectation" for private, social, even cosmic transformation in God.

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The ground of hope is not the furthest off, but the closest of all. ' For the past as it can be told, the pointer or time index moves from past to future, and future is the progression of the past. But for the anticipated future, the pointer moves from the future into the present and the past; for future becomes past, and potentiality reality, never 76 77 78 79 36 The Coming God the reverse. Rosenzweig's reversal of the relation of the times surmounts the historicism which essentially makes the future past, because it subjects the future to the power of the present.

Present as a springboard to eternity frees us from the endless sequence of time, and in the midst of time transposes us into a completely different reality. That is the religious dimension of time which, in The Star of Redemption, Rosenzweig rediscovers in practical terms in the Jewish holidays, or feastdays, and pre-eminently in the sabbath. It is in accordance with these that he formulates what for him is 'the messianic moment' of redemption, for in Jewish interpretation sabbath and messiah belong together: when the whole of Israel keeps a single sabbath, the messiah comes; when the messiah comes, the End-time sabbath begins.

Ernst Bloch therefore talked about a God 'who has future as the essence of his Being'. Both renderings 53 54 24 The Coming God say that God is there, and will be there, in the place to which his promise calls men and women. God does not need any name in order to be invoked and to be present. God is there. That is enough. 3). All God's individual acts in history point towards 'the day of the Lord'. 5). When God comes in his glory, he will fill the universe with his radiance, everyone will see him, and he will swallow up death for ever.

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