Symbolism: A Comprehensive Dictionary (2nd Edition) by Steven Olderr

By Steven Olderr

Using symbolism is an paintings, now not a technological know-how. various humans use symbols in various methods and every image may have assorted meanings, even in the comparable tradition. no longer unusually, deciding on the that means of symbols may be tough. This worthwhile reference defines the final symbolism of over 15,000 phrases, from historical to trendy, in addition to really good meanings in mythology, faith, artwork, literature, folklore, flower language, astrology, heraldry, numerology, and cultures internationally. From "0" to "Zu," every one access catalogs all attainable connotations, indexed by means of tradition while applicable, growing the main complete symbolism dictionary to be had.

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Anthony of Padua; ox with an ass: attribute of the Nativity • Egyptian evil; inert power; associated with Ra; emblem of Set as the god of evil; red ass: the most dangerous beast in the Underworld • Greco-Roman sloth; infatuation; sacred to Cronos/Saturn, Dionysus/Bacchus, Typhon, Priapus; ass-eared man: Midas; chariot drawn by an ass: attribute of Silenus; she-ass: wife of Ocnus; ass eating a rope: attribute of Ocnus • heraldic stamina; patience; contentment; humility • Hindu steed of Sitala • Islamic speaking ass: Balaam’s ass • Jewish stubbornness; the Gentile nations; associated with Balaam; attribute of Zechariah; white ass: steed of kings, prophets, and judges; jawbone of an ass: attribute of Samson; ass with two burdens: associated with Issachar • Hindu steed of Nairittita, Kalaratri; drew the chariot of Ravana when he abducted Sita; manifestation of Dhenuka • Persian three-legged ass: the three phases of the moon; purity; power against evil; giant three-legged ass with six eyes: Khara • Spanish fat man on an ass: Sancho Panza • see also onager with which the ass is frequently confused Assyria • Jewish punishment from God Astaroth • Jewish accusation; inquisition aster • Chinese beauty; elegance; charm; humility • flower language China aster: afterthought; variety; double aster: I share your sentiments; single aster: I will think of it • Greek love; sacred to Aphrodite athanor • alchemic place of physical, moral, or mystical transmutation Athena/Minerva • Greco-Roman wisdom; Wisdom personified; fertility; man’s higher nature; emblem of Athens; associated with spinning, weaving, and other women’s crafts Atlantis • Greek ancient mysteries, wisdom, enlightenment; the lost Paradise Atlas • Greek strength Aton • Egyptian the unique force from which all living things come attic the head; the mind; the conscious; the soul; the superego; the past; the repressed Audumla • Germanic fertility aum the most sacred sound; affirmation; the reflection of absolute reality; the entire cosmos; the imperishable Word; the Absolute; the totality of all sounds; the Self • Buddhist Indic: the unity of all; Tibetan: pure spirit • Hindu Brahman; the manifestation of God in form; the primordial sound that was present at the creation of the universe; the original sound that contains all other sounds, words, languages, mantras; an emblem of Hinduism • Jain associated with the five paramesthis • Sikh pure spirit; one God aureole see nimbus auricula • flower language painting; scarlet auricula: avarice aurora borealis a manifestation of the other world; omen of war, bloodshed, disaster, death of a king or leader • Eskimo spirits of the dead playing • Finnish souls of the dead • Kwakiutl deceased family members dancing for those living or about to die • Makah a small race of Indians cooking seal and walrus meat • Mandan medicine men and warriors boiling their enemies in huge pots • Norse light reflected from the shields of Valkyries • Salteaux spirits of the dead dancing • Tlingit spirits of the dead playing automobile see vehicle Autumn death; deterioration; middle to old age; harvest; incipient decay; the afternoon; associ- avalanche ated with Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius • GrecoRoman sacred to Dionysus/Bacchus avalanche sudden loss of control; overwhelming forces awl • Roman euphemism for penis awl root associated with Dionysus/Bacchus awning protection either granted or received • square awning earthly protection • round awning spiritual protection axe thunder; lightning; the fecundity of rain; fertility; the power of light; the sun; the critical faculty; sacrifice; help; support; primitive warfare; war; fertility; execution; chastisement; attribute of divinities, carpenters, sky gods, lumberjacks • axe and trident fire and water, respectively • double-headed axe duality; the sun; the union of the sky god and earth goddess; thunder and lightning; attribute of royalty, St.

Nicholas of Myra • Greek fecklessness; chance; humility; attribute of Victory personified, Fate personified • Roman golden ball: charm against evil • see also eight ball; globe; orb; sphere balm anointing; cure; relief; kingship • balm tea cure for melancholy • flower language sympathy; balm of Gilead: healing, cure, relief; gentle balm: pleasantry balsam consolation; love; sympathy; the zealous benefactor; rejuvenation • Christian emblem of the Virgin Mary; balsam with olive: the dual nature of Christ • flower language impatience; ardent love; rashness; red balsam: touch-menot; yellow balsam: impatience bamboo longevity; constancy; gracefulness; resilience; growth; versatility; pliability; good breeding; enduring friendship; hardy old age; emblem of the Orient • Chinese modesty; filial piety; protection from defilement; openmindedness; culture; refinement; longevity; emblem of Buddha, Winter; bamboo and sparrow: friendship; bamboo and crane: longevity and happiness; seven-knotted bamboo: the seven degrees of initiation and invocation; bamboo, plum, and pine: the Three Friends of Winter; bamboo staff: mourning for a father • Formosan Tree of Life • Hindu friendship; emblem of the sacred fire • Hmong Tree of Life • Japanese devotion; truthfulness; longevity; one of the Three Trees of Good Omen; associated with the moon • Philippine bamboo cross: aids the growth of crops • Southeastern Asian flowering bamboo: omen of famine • Taoist rustling bamboo: signal of enlightenment banana the tropics; continuing life; wisdom; associated with the monkey and ape families; simian nature; phallus • Tutsi banana beer: drink of the warrior class banana tree continuing life • Buddhist the weakness and instability of matter • Solomon Island sometimes the dwelling of the dead bandages psychic wound; the winding sheet of the tomb; swaddling clothes • burial bandages the robe of resurrection • see also wounds bandicoot see rat banjo banjo • folkloric a favorite instrument of the devil bank (river) see shore banner victory; triumph; conquest; protection; attribute of kings, princes, warrior saints • red banner revolution • waving a banner dispersal of evil spirits • banners in superfluous numbers aggressive militarism • banner and cross attribute of the Phrygian sibyl • Christian banner and white horse: attribute of St.

Martha aspergillum • Christian exorcism of evil spirits; attribute of SS Martha, Benedict, Anthony the Great, and other saints famed for their contests with the devil asphodel death; loss of consciousness; humility; associated with Saturn (planet) • Christian at- 22 aspiration • Autumn tribute of the Virgin Mary • flower language my regrets follow you to the grave • GrecoRoman emblem of Persephone/Proserpine, Dionysus/Bacchus; associated with the Elysian Fields, paradise, the Islands of the Blessed; in later times associated with the dead, Hades, the afterlife, regret, cemeteries, ruins aspiration the yearning of lower nature for the higher Asrafil, Archangel • Islamic recording angel ass (donkey) humility; patience; stubbornness; ignorance; honesty; courage; wisdom; cleverness; obstinate stupidity; greatness; steadiness; peace; salvation; lust; lewdness; sensuality; subservience; foolishness; sentimentality; inconstancy; pride; conceit; jealousy; a man between 80 and 90 years of age; messenger of death; associated with the poor, the sun; attribute of the personifications of Sloth, Inconstancy, Stupidity, Temperance • she-ass humility; peace; poverty; patience; courage • ass and millstone attributes of Obedience personified • stumbling ass an unbeliever • chariot drawn by an ass attribute of the personifications of Idleness, Peacemaking • ass skin coat or cloak humility • ass in a lion’s skin a coward who hectors; a fool who apes a wise man • head of an ass fertility • ass ears on a human stupidity; a buffoon; folly; a lewd character; attribute of jesters • Chinese stupidity; white ass ridden backwards: steed of Chang Kuo • Christian the Flight into Egypt; Christ’s entry into Jerusalem; emblem of St.

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