Studies Latin Language and Literature (Yale Classical by Thomas Cole, David Ross

By Thomas Cole, David Ross

This publication covers a variety of matters from Latin literature and language to textual heritage and feedback. E. D. Francis provides a heritage of the phrases prae and professional, as adverb, preposition and prefix. H. D. Jocelyn surveys the distribution and differing makes use of of quotations from Greek poetry in Cicero's prose writings and D. F. S. Thomson takes a clean examine the manuscript culture of Catullus. the remainder six articles take care of later authors and are divided both among the poets and the historians: a interpreting of Horace's Roman Odes and their relation to the opposite odes within which he addressed the Roman humans; an indication of the inner coherence of a Tibullan elegy and Juvenal satires; a overview of disputed readings within the OCT of Livy IX; an research of the constitution of the prologues to the Annals, Histories and Agricola to forged gentle on Tacitus' intentions; and a severe assessment of Tacitus' portrait of Germanicus, ordinarily seen in a sympathetic gentle yet debated by means of D. O. Ross.

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26g : 'praesto unerklart ' ) . 7 2 . Walde-Hofmann (loc. cit. : 'praestu . . , nicht alt ' ) follow Persson in questioning the antiquity of praestu. Persson's objection may, how­ ever, be overridden since its sole support appears to be his unnecessary reconstruction of a thematicized prae-sto- as the source of adverbial praesto. 34 E. D . Francis from a descriptive standpoint, would surely continue to b e under­ stood in that sense. P R E V E R B A L PRA EBy far the most productive use of prae- was as a verb prefix.

The etymological argument, however, is not strictly relevant to an evaluation of how a Roman of the Plautine or Classical periods -might have understood the word praeco (cf. RE 43, pp. 1 1 93f. ) . , 1 1 92 and Walde-Hofmann, loc. ) The etymology of praestigiae ' legerdemain ' is also unclear (on praestigiator, see RE 44, pp. 1 567) . The form is most usually derived from *praestrigiae, with dis­ similatory loss of the second -r- (cf. Leumann, p. 1 79, Walde-Hofmann, loc. cit. ) . Praestringo ' blind ' indeed occurs in Plautus.

R 66, attributed to Accius by Ribbeck) . The relative productivity of this group of adjectives in Republican Latin was doubtless related closely to the preverbal use of prae-, in words like praifestino ( PI. , Cat. ) . 61 In fact the temporal connotation of each of these forms clearly distinguished this use of prae- from the highly productive per- and, during the development of intensive prae-, prevented any synonymic conflict between the two prefixes, at least until the Augustan period. 5 9 . On the redactional confusion o f preadjectival prae- and per-, note praegraues beside pergraues (Varro ap.

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