String-Math 2011 by Jonathan Block, Jacques Distler, Ron Donagi, Eric Sharpe

By Jonathan Block, Jacques Distler, Ron Donagi, Eric Sharpe (ed.)

The character of interactions among mathematicians and physicists has been completely remodeled lately. String thought and quantum box concept have contributed a sequence of profound rules that gave upward push to completely new mathematical fields and revitalized older ones. The effect flows in either instructions, with mathematical ideas and concepts contributing crucially to significant advances in string conception. a wide and swiftly transforming into variety of either mathematicians and physicists are operating on the string-theoretic interface among the 2 educational fields. The String-Math convention sequence goals to collect best mathematicians and mathematically minded physicists operating during this interface. This quantity includes the court cases of the inaugural convention during this sequence, String-Math 2011, which used to be held June 6-11, 2011, on the collage of Pennsylvania

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To define the refined Chern-Simons theory on a three-manifold M , we needed to study M-theory on Y × T N × S 1 , where Y = T ∗ M with N M5 branes on M × C × S 1 . Consider a dual description of this, by dimensionally reducing on the S 1 of the Taub-Nut space. Without M5 branes, we would obtain IIA string theory on the geometry, Y × R3 × S 1 with a D6 brane wrapping Y × S 1 and sitting at the origin of R3 . Adding the N M5 branes on M × C × S 1 , we get IIA string theory with the addition of N D4 branes, wrapping M × S 1 times a half-line R+ in R3 , ending on the D6 brane.

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