Rarefied gas dynamics : physical phenomena by D. P. Muntz, D. H. Campbell Weaver

By D. P. Muntz, D. H. Campbell Weaver

Thirty-five papers from the convention on rarefied gasoline dynamics talk about inelastic collisions, experimental thoughts, particle and blend flows, and clusters.

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K. 1^ In most instances it is only possible to demonstrate analytically the failure of a model to satisfy detailed balance and not to quantify the extent. Failure in itself may be an excessively stringent criterion by which to judge a model which, in all events, will only be approximate in other respects. Alternative classical formulations that could be used include rough and loaded spheres and axisymmetrical convex bodies. 17 have proposed rough sphere models but these are generally discredited because they give too high a rotational coupling if meaningful parameters are used for planar collisions.

7). NULL COLLISION MONTE CARLO METHOD 33 simulation molecules (Ng < 10^) but for NQ= 10^ the movement is negligibly small; therefore, the results for NQ = 10^ are presented and the origin of coordinate is not adjusted. The characteristic times Tm and TC are estimated as Ax/ui anc* ^12/ul> respectively, where ui is the upstream flow speed, X^2^(n2oO (^2) is the free of upstream molecules for collisions with downstream molecules, and n2 and X2 are the downstream number density and mean free path, respectively.

Press, 1987. l^Parker, j. , "Rotational and Vibrational Relaxation in Diatomic Gases," Physics of Fluids, Vol. 2, 1959, pp. 449. 15 Lordi, J. A. and Mates, R. , "Rotational Relaxation in Nonpolar Diatomic Gases," Physics of Fluids, Vol. 13, No. 2, 1970, pp. 291. 16 Pidduck, F. , Proceedings of the Royal Society of London,, Series, A. AlOl, 1922, pp. 101-. 17 Condiff, D. -K. and Dahler, J. , Journal of Chemical Physics. 38, 1965, pp. 2963. 18 Melville, W. , "The Use of the Loaded Sphere Molecular Model for Computer Simulation of Diatomic Gases,".

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