Raphael and Tobias by Grace Andreacchi

By Grace Andreacchi

RAPHAEL AND TOBIAS is predicated upon the Biblical story a couple of boy and a puppy, a magic fish, a lady who is obtained a demon in love together with her, and the Angel who involves their rescue. informed in richly poetic language,highly dramatic, humorous and profound,it's appropriate for audiences of every age. An Andromache Books identify.

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RAGUEL: Welcome to my house. I am Raguel This is my wife, Edna And that is my daughter, Sarah. Where are you from, my Brothers? [Aside, to Edna] How much that boy resembles my cousin Tobit! He's the very image of my cousin Tobit Isn't he, Edna? EDNA: I don't remember Tobit all that well. RAGUEL: But I tell you he is. RAPHAEL: We come from Nineveh. RAGUEL: From Nineveh! And do you know our cousin Tobit? RAPHAEL: Yes, we do. 30 RAGUEL: And is he well? RAPHAEL: He is alive and well. ] TOBIAS: He is my father!

He sent me here to Media to ask for some money That is owed him by the merchant Gabael. But first, Azarias, Speak of that matter That little thing we talked about on the way... You know what I mean [Aside to Raphael] 31 Let's get it over with! RAPHAEL: Tobias asks for your daughter to be his wife. RAGUEL: [startled] What's that you said? My daughter! RAPHAEL: It is his right as your kinsman. RAGUEL: [to Tobias] Yes, it is your right to take my child But first let me tell you how things stand with us.

RAPHAEL: It is. SARAH: I'd like to see it. RAPHAEL: Some day you shall. SARAH: Why did you ever leave such a place? Why come here? It's nothing special No emeralds here Just bricks and dust You say you heard a voice? RAPHAEL: Yes! Such a little voice, and so sad! No one heard it but me It was lost among all those glittering stars. ] My, but your hand is cold. ] SARAH: How good that feels! So warm... ] You say you come from the sun and the moon What sort of work do you do? RAPHAEL: What sort of work?

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