Problem-Solving and Selected Topics in Euclidean Geometry: by Sotirios E. Louridas

By Sotirios E. Louridas

"Problem-Solving and chosen subject matters in Euclidean Geometry: within the Spirit of the Mathematical Olympiads" comprises theorems that are of specific worth for the answer of geometrical difficulties. Emphasis is given within the dialogue of quite a few equipment, which play an important function for the answer of difficulties in Euclidean Geometry. ahead of the whole resolution of each challenge, a key suggestion is gifted in order that the reader can be in a position to give you the answer. functions of the elemental geometrical equipment which come with research, synthesis, development and evidence are given. chosen difficulties which were given in mathematical olympiads or proposed briefly lists in IMO's are mentioned. additionally, a couple of difficulties proposed via major mathematicians within the topic are integrated the following. The publication additionally comprises new issues of their recommendations. The scope of the booklet of the current ebook is to coach mathematical pondering via Geometry and to supply thought for either scholars and lecturers to formulate "positive" conjectures and supply solutions.

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43 Another translation of the ratios (Sect. 7) and OC1 O3 C1 O3 C2 . 99) Using Eqs. 99), we have: AO1 BO2 CO3 + + AA2 BB2 CC2 = AA2 + A2 O1 BB2 + B2 O2 CC2 + C2 O3 + + AA2 BB2 CC2 = AA2 BB2 CC2 O1 A2 O2 B2 O3 C2 + + + + + AA2 BB2 CC2 AA2 BB2 CC2 =3+ OA1 OB1 OC1 + + AA1 BB1 CC1 = 3 + 1 = 4. 7 The Idea Behind the Construction of a Geometric Problem 55 Fig. 44 The construction of the problem (Sect. 102) all have measure less than π . 103) CO = CO1 = CO2 . (iii) The chain AO2 CO1 BO3 A is a closed polygonal chain.

Let O1 , O1 be the centers of homothety of the circles (K3 , r3 ), (K2 , r2 ), let O2 , O2 be the centers of homothety of the circles (K1 , r1 ), (K3 , r3 ), and O3 , O3 be the centers of homothety of the circles (K1 , r1 ), (K2 , r2 ). Prove that the lines K1 O1 , K2 O2 , and K3 O3 pass through the same point. 46) O1 K3 r3 = . 47) O2 K1 O3 K2 O1 K3 · · = 1. 48) and Therefore, Hence, Ceva’s theorem applies (see Chap. 4: Theorems), and therefore the lines K1 O1 , K2 O2 , and K3 O3 pass through the same point.

10) Fig. 34 Inverse of a line (Sect. 11 Inverse of a Circle with Respect to a Pole Not Belonging to the Circle Let C(K, ρ) be a circle in the Euclidean plane E 2 , and O a point with O ∈ / C(K, ρ). We consider the point O as the inversion pole with power λ = 0. We are going to determine the curve described by the inverse M of the point M when M runs along the circle C(K, ρ). Let OK be the straight line intersecting the circle C at the points T and Y . It is true that −→ −−→ OM · OM = λ. 65) − → −→ OY · OY = λ.

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