Plasticity of crystals: with special reference to metals by Erich Schmid, Walter Boas

By Erich Schmid, Walter Boas

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C•• demanded C" ': I C" = 16·4 6·5 36·1 by theory. 81 0·64 0·58 0·43 c•• not demanded 4·48 -2·10 -4·74 References. 79 0·65 0·62 0·42 (2) (2) (2) (3) (2) (2) by theory. 3·38 1·20 10·55 (4) (5) (4) With metals, on the other hand, there is a very marked discrepancy between C12 and C44 even in cases where the validity of the Cauchy relation is demanded (Table IlIa) [cf. especially (1)]. Particular attention is drawn to this failure of the lattice theory in the case of metals. It may be that, owing to the ease with which they can be displaced, the valency electrons should be regarded as independent constituents of the lattice, since it is difficult to doubt Born's second 9.

A conical depression in the crucible. In this case the size ofthe ~~ x 13. Crystallization in the Crucible 29 crystals is limited solely by the quantity of the material (size of the furnace). A copper crystal weighing 6 kg. was obtained by these means. Later the process was considerably improved [(53), (54)]. A high-frequency furnace was used, care being taken to avoid turbulence in the melt; the vacuum was improved to 1/100 mm. Hg; and, in particular, the orientation of the growing crystal was influenced.

Otective tube Withdrawal rod Z Cooling with CO. or N. -Illustrating the Production of Salt Crystals According to (62). Shape of the Crystal " Pears" Obtained in this Way. FIG. -Diagram showing the Method of Producing Crystals by Drawing from the Melt. According to Czochralski [see (65)]. FIG. 14. Production of Crystals by Drawing from the Melt Czochralski (63) initiated a process which, although originally devised for the determination of the speed at which metals crystallize, was later much used for growing crystals.

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