Oracle 9i - Complete Reference by Kevin Loney

By Kevin Loney

Полный комплект оригинальной документации по Oracle 9.2. Плюс несколько документов в переводе.
Все файлы переименованы для удобства и разнесены по тематическим папкам.Содержание:
1 Oracle9i DataBase set up Guide.pdf
2 Oracle9i DataGuard Broker.pdf
3 Oracle9i DataGuard ideas and Administration.pdf
4 Oracle9i OEM occasion try Reference Manual.pdf
5 Oracle9i functionality Methods.pdf
6 Oracle9i pattern Schemas.pdf
7 Oracle9i SQLPlus Getting began for Windows.pdf
8 Oracle9i SQLPlus fast Reference.pdf
9 Oracle9i SQLPlus User's consultant and References.pdf
10 Oracle9i _MASTER_INDEX.pdf
11 Oracle9i ADA SQL-Module for Ada Programmer's Guide.pdf
12 Oracle9i ADG software Developer's consultant - Fundamentals.pdf
13 Oracle9i ADL software Developer's consultant - huge items (LOBs).pdf
14 Oracle9i ADO program Developer's consultant - Object-Relational Features.pdf
15 Oracle9i ADQ software Developer's consultant - complex Queuing.pdf
16 Oracle9i ADW program Developer's advisor - Workspace Manager.pdf
17 Oracle9i ADX XML Developer's Kits advisor - XDK.pdf
18 Oracle9i BRC Backup and restoration Concepts.pdf
19 Oracle9i CON Database Concepts.pdf
20 Oracle9i DCD info Cartridge Developer's Guide.pdf
21 Oracle9i DMC information Mining Concepts.pdf
22 Oracle9i DSU Dynamic prone User's and Administrator's Guide.pdf
23 Oracle9i DWG info Warehousing Guide.pdf
24 Oracle9i ERR mistakes Messages.pdf
25 Oracle9i GLO Globalization aid Guide.pdf
26 Oracle9i HET Heterogeneous Connectivity Administrator's Guide.pdf
27 Oracle9i IMA interMedia Annotator User's Guide.pdf
28 Oracle9i IMJ interMedia Java periods User's advisor and Reference.pdf
29 Oracle9i IMU interMedia User's consultant and Reference.pdf
30 Oracle9i IPI Oracle C++ name Interface Programmer's Guide.pdf
31 Oracle9i JJD Java Developer's Guide.pdf
32 Oracle9i JJP JPublisher User's Guide.pdf
33 Oracle9i JPG Java kept approaches Developer's Guide.pdf
34 Oracle9i JPR provided Java applications Reference.pdf
35 Oracle9i JSE aid for JavaServer Pages Reference.pdf
36 Oracle9i JSS SQLJ Developer's consultant and Reference.pdf
37 Oracle9i MIG Database Migration.pdf
38 Oracle9i NER internet companies Reference Guide.pdf
39 Oracle9i web internet companies Administrator's Guide.pdf
40 Oracle9i NEW New Features.pdf
41 Oracle9i OAD web listing software Developer's Guide.pdf
42 Oracle9i OAS complicated protection Administrator's Guide.pdf
43 Oracle9i OCI Oracle name Interface Programmer's Guide.pdf
44 Oracle9i OCM Getting all started with Oracle switch administration Pack.pdf
45 Oracle9i ODP Getting all started with the Oracle Diagnostics Pack.pdf
46 Oracle9i ODS listing Service.pdf
47 Oracle9i OEA firm supervisor Administrator's Guide.pdf
48 Oracle9i OEC firm supervisor Configuration Guide.pdf
49 Oracle9i OEM firm supervisor recommendations Guide.pdf
50 Oracle9i OIA clever Agent User's Guide.pdf
51 Oracle9i OID net listing Administrator's Guide.pdf
52 Oracle9i OLA Developer's consultant to the OLAP DML.pdf
53 Oracle9i OLS Label protection Administrator's Guide.pdf
54 Oracle9i OMM firm supervisor Messages Manual.pdf
55 Oracle9i OSA Developer's advisor to the OLAP API.pdf
56 Oracle9i OSD defense Overview.pdf
57 Oracle9i OSG OLAP User's Guide.pdf
58 Oracle9i OSM Getting begun with the Oracle ordinary administration Pack.pdf
59 Oracle9i OTP Database Tuning with the Oracle Tuning Pack.pdf
60 Oracle9i OUI common Installer suggestions Guide.pdf
61 Oracle9i PCC ProC++ Precompiler Programmer's Guide.pdf
62 Oracle9i PCO ProCOBOL Precompiler Programmer's Guide.pdf
63 Oracle9i consistent with functionality Planning.pdf
64 Oracle9i PGR functionality Tuning advisor and Reference.pdf
65 Oracle9i PLS PL-SQL User's advisor and Reference.pdf
66 Oracle9i RAA RAC Administration.pdf
67 Oracle9i RAC RAC Setup and Configuration.pdf
68 Oracle9i RAR Replication administration API Reference.pdf
69 Oracle9i RCG RAC shield I - thoughts and Administration.pdf
70 Oracle9i RCO RAC Concepts.pdf
71 Oracle9i RDE RAC Deployment and Performance.pdf
72 Oracle9i REF Database Reference (рус).djvu
73 Oracle9i REF Database Reference.pdf
74 Oracle9i REP complicated Replication.pdf
75 Oracle9i RMN restoration supervisor User's Guide.pdf
76 Oracle9i RMR restoration supervisor Reference.pdf
77 Oracle9i SAG 1 Database Administrator's advisor (рус).djvu
78 Oracle9i SAG 1 Database Administrator's Guide.pdf
79 Oracle9i SAG 2 Database Administrator's consultant for Windows.pdf
80 Oracle9i SNM SNMP help Reference Guide.pdf
81 Oracle9i SPR provided PL-SQL programs and kinds Reference.pdf
82 Oracle9i SQL SQL Reference.pdf
83 Oracle9i SSG Syndication Server User's and Administrator's Guide.pdf
84 Oracle9i STM Streams.pdf
85 Oracle9i SUG Spatial User's advisor and Reference.pdf
86 Oracle9i TAD textual content software Developer's Guide.pdf
87 Oracle9i TXT textual content Reference.pdf
88 Oracle9i UMR User-Managed Backup and restoration consultant (рус).djvu
89 Oracle9i UMR User-Managed Backup and restoration Guide.pdf
90 Oracle9i UTL DataBase Utilities.pdf
91 Oracle9i XDG XML Database Developer's advisor - Oracle XML DB.pdf
92 Oracle9i XML XML API Reference - XDK and Oracle XML DB.pdf
93 Oracle9i ZZP ProPL complement to the Oracle Precompilers Guide.pdfНесмотря на выход в свет новых версий СУБД Oracle, комплект документации по версии 9.2 остается наиболее полным, и является незаменимым справочным и учебным материалом, благо документация Oracle всегда отличалась простотой изложения.
Кто затрудняется с английским - есть шанс его освоить на хороших примерах!

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And that’s the whole purpose of this approach. The interaction between the user and the machine is critical; the input and query screens should consistently be task-oriented and descriptive, in English. The use of icons and graphical interfaces plays an important role as well. Screens must reflect the way work is actually done, and be built to respond in the language in which business is conducted. Query and Reporting If anything sets apart the relational approach, and SQL, from more traditional application environments, it is the ability for end users to easily learn and execute ad hoc queries.

The Business Model At this point, both the application designers and the end users should possess a clear vision of the business, its tasks, and its data. Once the business model is corrected and approved, the process of synthesizing the tasks and data models into an overall business model begins. vp Friday, July 19, 2002 4:10:43 PM 33 ORACLE Color profile: Generic CMYK printer profile Composite Default screen 34 Series TIGHT / Oracle9i: The Complete Reference / Loney, Koch / 222521-1 / Chapter 2 Blind Folio 2:34 Part I: Critical Database Concepts process sorts common data elements between tasks, completes final, large-scale normalization, and resolves consistent, definitive names for all of the parts.

Screens and reports are transformed from arcane arrays of numbers and codes into a readable and understandable format. The change of application design from code-oriented to English-oriented has a profound and invigorating effect on a company and its employees. For users who have been burdened by code manuals, an English-based application produces a tremendous psychological release. How to Reduce the Confusion Another version of the “too many items per category” justification is that the number of products, customers, or transaction types is just too great to differentiate each by name, or there are too many items in a category that are identical or very similar (customers named “John Smith,” for instance).

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