On Mill by Susan Leigh(Susan Leigh Anderson) Anderson

By Susan Leigh(Susan Leigh Anderson) Anderson

This short textual content assists scholars in knowing Mill's philosophy and pondering so as to extra totally have interaction in worthwhile, clever classification discussion and increase their figuring out after all content material. a part of the "Wadsworth Philosophers Series," (which will ultimately include nearly a hundred titles, each one targeting a unmarried "thinker" from precedent days to the present), ON MILL is written via a thinker deeply versed within the philosophy of this key philosopher. Like different books within the sequence, this concise publication bargains adequate perception into the taking into consideration a remarkable thinker larger allowing scholars to have interaction within the analyzing and to debate the fabric in school and on paper.

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After a while, we may think of them as desirable in and of themselves, but their real value still lies in their connection with pleasure (or happiness). We may say of each of these instrumental goods: I We can think of Chapters Three and Four together as providing a defense of the full theory of Hedonistic Util itarianism, Chapter Three defending the general position that we should calculate what is likely to lead to the best consequences for everyone and Chapter Four defending the view that the only consequences we should consider are the units 'of pleasure, and its opposite, which are likely to result.

6. Is Mill right that when there isn't something which people really believe in - "the elevation of some faith, whether religious or merely human" - there will be a period "of weak convictions, paralysed intellects, and general laxity of principle"? Is this a problem with our own age? 7. What is your reaction to Mill's conditions for his running for political office? 31 2 Jeremy Bentham ' s "Hedonistic Calculus" Jeremy Bentham was born in Houndsditch, London i n 1 748. His father, Clerk of the Scriveners' Company and a prosperous man, sent Jeremy to Westminster School in 1 755.

27 1 . 50 Utilitarianism favorites," by attaching more weight to the happiness of some than to others. There is an objectivity to the utilitarian ideal which most would consider admirable. " Here Mill correctly states that it is possible to believe in God and attempt to give an ethical principle which we all should follow. 2 Our past experience has led us to fonn general rules of thumb, for instance that lying and stealing are wrong. We have learned from experience that, in general, these actions do not lead to the best consequences; so, when pressed for time, we can rely on these rules of thumb to make quick decisions about how we should act.

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