Modern Origins: A North African Perspective by A. Moreno (auth.), Jean-Jacques Hublin, Shannon P. McPherron

By A. Moreno (auth.), Jean-Jacques Hublin, Shannon P. McPherron (eds.)

Over the decade, Africa has taken a primary place within the look for the timing and mechanisms resulting in smooth human origins, and the wealthy archaeological and human paleontological checklist of North Africa is important to this seek. during this quantity, we assemble new examine into the archaeology, human paleontology, chronology, and environmental context of recent human origins in North Africa. the result's a quantity that greater integrates the North African list into the fashionable human origins debate and whilst highlights the examine questions which are at present the point of interest of persisted paintings within the area.​

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B IRM@AF and oxygen isotope data from the same interval plotted, together with sapropels and the boreal summer insolation curve (at 258N) calculated after the astronomical solution of 23 Laskar et al. (2004), against age. The dashed lines plotted with the insolation curve is the Earth’s eccentricity parameter calculated after Laskar et al. (2004). The arrows indicate the position of an oxidized sapropel. c Oxygen isotope record of the SPECMAP (Imbrie et al. 1984). White and gray bars indicate glacial and interglacial periods, respectively 24 Satellite TOMS analyses (Prospero et al.

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