Modern Fluorescence Spectroscopy by John E. Wampler (auth.), E. L. Wehry (eds.)

By John E. Wampler (auth.), E. L. Wehry (eds.)

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Modern Fourier: Transform Infrared Spectroscopy

This e-book is the most recent addition to the great Analytical Chemistry sequence. The chapters are designed to provide the reader not just the knowledge of the fundamentals of infrared spectroscopy but in addition to offer rules on find out how to follow the strategy in those various fields. considering that spectroscopy is the learn of the interplay of electromagnetic radiation with subject, the 1st chapters take care of the features, houses and absorption of electromagnetic radiation.

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All lines are ordinary RG 58/U coaxial cable. From J. E. Wampler and R. J. DeSa, Appl. Spectrosc. 25, 623 (1971). u a... z _0 0:: o::l 2:0 Ow 0::0:: EMISSION MONOCHROMATOR XENON LAMP 0:: o ~ -5 Ql ~ rn ::J <::r o N CO Computer Methods and Instrumentation 29 photomultiplier; an emission monochromator and. photomultiplier; and wavelength drives for the monochromators. With these basic components and a computer system, a spectrofluorimeter can be constructed which offers excellent performance at a modest price.

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