Manual of Classical Erotology by Fred Forberg

By Fred Forberg

Fascimile of 1884 variation revealed for Julian Smithson

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X, 81): Cum duo venissent ad Phyllida mane fututum, Et nudam cuperet sumere uterque prior, Tromisit pariter se Phyllis utrique daturam, Et dedit. Ille pedem sustulit, hie tunicam. Pedem igitur semisapinse in latus jacentis sustulit fututor, tunicam psedico. Parte equitis versa vice hie sustinet fcemina, equivir. Hanc figuram dicunt Hectoreum equum, ex illo Martialis, XI, 105 : Masturbabantur Phrygii post ostia servi, Hectoreo quoties sedcrat uxor equo. , ///, 777, 78) diserte, placuisse earn figuram Andromachee, OF CLASSICAL EROTOLOGY 45 ll her long shapely flank » (Jlrt of Love, III, v.

Hear him relate the circumstance himself in his merry way and with his habitual charm of style, in the first book of the Confessions; we only omit small matters, added by the immortal author for the amplification of the narrative : « As Mile. Lambercier had for us the affection of a mother, so she had the authority of one, and she carried the latter so far as to inflict upon us the punishment of children when we had deserved it. For a long time she only used threats, and such a threat of a novel punishment seemed very dreadful to me; but after the execution I found the experience less terrible than the expectation, and the oddest thing was, that the punishment made me more partial to her, who had inflicted it, than I had been previously.

However this may be, it happens frequently, that women cannot be managed in any other way. Given an obese man and a woman likewise obese or with child, how are they to do' (14) Pliny has treated this at great length in his Natural History (Book X, ch. 63). 7o THE MANUAL Drusillam, cum Tiberii Neronismatrimoniosextum jam mensem gravidam abduxisset, pecudum more compressisse, cujus compressus jucundam imaginem tibi prxbebunt Monuments de la vie privee des douze Cesars, tabula VII; at cur fraudari te patiamur iis, quae luculentus editor ad illustrandam tabulam adnotavit?

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