Krishnamurti In India 1974-75 by Krishnamurti Jiddu

By Krishnamurti Jiddu

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So, from that arises then the question what place has thought in the transformation of man. That is, what place has knowledge in the transformation of man and society because society is the product of man's relationship with another, Without transforming, himself and society, merely talking about religion, worship and all that, are great verbal gestures which have no meaning. So we are concerned to find out the right place of thought and whether thought can hold itself without any form of control.

There is no religion in this country though there are all kinds of people who are doing miracles, grow long hair, you know all that childishness that is going on in this country, but that does not indicate a religious spirit at all. They are merely conforming to a religious pattern set by various people throughout the ages and this conformity to a pattern is not religion. Religion implies gathering all your energy so that you care, so that you have compassion, love. That is one factor and that is not possible if there is any kind of fear.

Is there such a thing? Is there anything permanent in you? Or is there nothing permanent - permanent being everlasting, enduring beyond death ? If there is nothing permanent, why is the mind then attached to everything, attached to the form, to the name, to the bank account, to your wife, to your children, to your furniture, to your books, to all your customs, traditions, to your petty little Gods? All that is your consciousness. Now, is there in that consciousness something real, permanent ? You have to find out, not agree or disagree.

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