King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, Level 2, by Swan

By Swan

The tale of King Arthur is likely one of the most renowned legends in England. a superb story of the times of chivalry and the interesting adventures of Sir Gawain, Sir Galahad and the opposite knights of the around desk.

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Look at each illustration and read each caption. Think of the story that might go with each picture. (e) There is a sword in the stone outside the church. (f) Where did that sword come from? (g) I will try to be a good king. 2 Read the Introduction and answer these questions. (h) Arthur is our king! (i) When you were born, I took you to Avalon, a magic place. (j) I love Guinevere and I want to marry her. (a) How did Arthur become King? (b) Where did the Saxons come from? (c) When did King Arthur live – perhaps?

E Sir Meligrance is talking to Queen Guinevere. f Sir Lancelot is talking. He wants to kill Sir Meligrance. 7–8 Open answers 9 a poison b harp c gold 10 a The Queen of Lyonesse is Tristram’s mother. She dies after she has her baby in the woods. b Sir Marhaus is the son of the King of Ireland. Tristram kills him in a fight. c lsolt is the King of Ireland’s daughter. She dies because she is very sad. After Tristram dies, she does not eat or drink. d Sir Galahad is a brave young Knight of the Round Table.

King Arthur kills him. 11–15 Open answers Answers to Factsheet activities ■ Communicative activities Open answers ■ Student's activities Activities before reading the book 1 Open answers 2 (a) He pulled a sword out of a stone. (b) the north of Europe (c) 400–600 (d) magic, knights, ladies (e) Sir Thomas Malory Activities while reading the book Chapters 1–3 1 (a) (iv) a great king (b) (i) a beautiful woman (c) (v) a man who knew a lot of magic (d) (ix) son of Uther and lgraine (e) (iii) a good knight (f) (viii) Sir Ector ’s son (g) (xi) the most important man in the Church (h) (ii) a friend of Arthur ’s (i) (x) the most beautiful woman in England © Pearson Education 2001 (j) (vi) a new knight (k) (vii) Arthur’s best knight 2 (a) Merlin (b) Uther (c) the knights (d) the Archbishop (e) Arthur (f) Sir Ector (g) Arthur (h) the knights (i) Merlin (j) Arthur (k) Merlin 3 (a) horse (b) wood (c) castle (d) queen (e) world (f) magic (g) things (h) door (i) wall (j) men (k) knight (I) fight (m)face (n) king (o) friends 4 Open answers Chapters 4–6 1 (a) (b) (c) (d) False – he didn’t know.

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