Karen Horney and Character Disorder: A Guide for the Modern by Irving Solomon PhD

By Irving Solomon PhD

Who is Karen Horney and why are her psychoanalytic rules so very important in present day international of once-per-week dynamic psychotherapy? Horney used to be one of many first analysts to problem uncomplicated Freudian assertions similar to the psychoanalytic account of lady improvement. She had a progressive concentrate on present-oriented therapy, and a powerfully-optimistic perspective towards sufferer development and change.

    This book:

  1. introduces, defines, and illustrates the foremost tenets of Horney's concept and technique
  2. discusses Horney's technique of fostering an positive angle that strengthens remedy among therapist and the patient
  3. demonstrates the specified suitablity and the effectiveness of Horney's rules as they're utilized to personality sickness and to modern day such a lot widespread type of therapy: once-per-week consultation psychotherapy
  4. presents criticisms of Horney's ideas

Dr. Irving Solomon prepares practitioners to behavior Horneyan remedy and effectively deal with personality sickness, the commonest disorder of our time. Dr. Solomon offers, in a concise and arranged type, Karen Horney's principles relating to personality psychopathology, observed by means of many illustrative vignettes for functional software. trendy clinician will locate that Horney's orientation offers a method of carrying out short therapy that also is meaningfully deep.

This ebook could be of curiosity to psychological wellbeing and fitness pros, in addition to to put people who search wisdom of the self, because it realistically, vividly, and authoritatively touches on a mess of universal, simply well-known personality tendencies that destructively complicate our well-being.

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But if he allows it to be undermined he is immediately threatened with the prospect of facing all his weaknesses, with no title to special claims, a comparatively insignificant figure or even in his own eyes—a contemptible one. Shortly after a dear friend had died, Fran shared with me that she was filled with ambivalent feelings regarding her deceased friend. While Fran missed her friend, she also recalled how this same friend thought she was indispensable to Fran. She believed that Fran, for example, could not find her way about town without her help.

Horney (1945, p. 130) concludes that a patient who is not emotionally present will not be able to properly utilize any insight gained in therapy. He will not be able to apply his new comprehension to his life. 40 KAREN HORNEY AND CHARACTER DISORDER A byproduct of externalization is increasing alienation from the self. Horney (p. 117) comments that Another inevitable product of externalization is a gnawing sense of emptiness and shallowness. Again this feeling is not properly allocated. Instead of feeling the emotional emptiness as such, the person experiences it as emptiness in his stomach and tries to do away with it by compulsive eating.

She also occasionally would lurch forward as if she was about to fall and her alarmed husband, in 47 48 KAREN HORNEY AND CHARACTER DISORDER effect, had to remain closely glued to her side. He bitterly resented his virtual imprisonment enforced by his wife’s presumed physical impairment. He rightly sensed that his wife was exaggerating her infirmity (a slew of physicians had established that there was no organic basis for her impairment) and could do a lot more than she displayed. He would erupt periodically into rages, then return to a guilty, submissive role to indulge his wife’s manipulative dependency.

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