Isaiah’s Vision of Peace in Biblical and Modern by Raymond Cohen, Raymond Westbrook (eds.)

By Raymond Cohen, Raymond Westbrook (eds.)

The target of this quantity is to attempt to account for Isaiah's innovative imaginative and prescient from disciplinary views: one process is the historic research of the traditional close to East and the Bible, and the opposite rests at the examine of diplomacy from a comparative, conceptual perspective.

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Donner and Röllig, Kanaanäische, 51, no. 216. 8. Cf. Oded, Mass Deportations; Na‘aman, “Province System”; De Odorico, Use of Numbers. 9. As, for example, may be seen from the material wealth that has come to light archeologically in the provincial palaces of Hadattu (modern Arslan Tash) and Til Barsib (modern Tell Ahmar) in northern Syria. Cf. ” 10. Cf. Postgate, “Economic Structure,” 206; Elat, “Phoenician Overland Trade”; Elat, “Die wirtschaftliche Beziehungen”; Radner, “Traders,” 101–9; and see Faist, Der Fernhandel, 116–17.

In the final analysis, conflict originates in the minds of men and women. National identity, for instance, at the root of much misplaced pride and hostility to the other, is essentially a cognitive artifact, often of quite recent provenance. Its being reified and sanctified does not make it any more worth fighting for. Constructivism, like liberalism, tends to be optimistic therefore about the possibility for perfecting human behavior and creating a more harmonious future. The spread of ideas and knowledge conducive to international cooperation and institution building is one avenue to promulgating peace.

Since the Second World War, students of international relations have divided into realist/neorealist and liberal internationalist camps. ) 12 ● Isaiah’s Vision of Peace in Biblical and Modern International Relations “Realism,” brought to the United States by Hans Morgenthau, a refugee from Nazi Germany, was heavily influenced by the German tradition of Realpolitik, the unsentimental practice of power politics. The master of Realpolitik, the nineteenth-century Prussian chancellor Prince Otto von Bismarck, did not hesitate to resort to war against isolated opponents to consolidate German unity and power.

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