How to Make Flashes, Bangs and Puffs of Smoke by Micky Hades

By Micky Hades

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Lifter near the center of one of the pieces of paper. Besides this on the same sheet cf paper place an equal amount the Chlorate of Potash using ,— PROS. POTASH the "POTASH1' lifter. Next blend the chemicals by lifting alternate corners of the paper and rolling the chemicals together. Keep your face well away while mixing the two chemicals. When thoroughly blended these chemicals are very explosive, and subject to ignition by shock or pet figure #36. i I I Place the paper with the mixed chemicals on top of a few sheets of paper, the extra sheets form a sort of cushion.

Is simply The other method uses a spring to force the firing pin to one end of the wand, figure #34. The firing pin is held back by the trigger that rune in a ULI? shaped track. The trigger ie held in the foot of the "LT' until the bang is required and then a simple movement of the thumb moves it sideways to release the diagram will make it all clear. it. A quick look DETAIL ii I j 11 I 46 THE DEVIL'S The Devil's Whisper is a flash and explosion at the end of the finger tips that leaves the magician with no gimmicks to get rid of.

PAINT If you choose to paint your flash pot beware that most paints, even when dry, are flammable. Consult your paint supplier for a paint that is not flammable, figure #21. These paints are made for use on stoves or barbecues and are much safer to use, 33 LsrovE CHAPTER V FLASHES FROM THE HAND The magician gestures with his hand and a flash appears at his finger tips. This is possibly the most spectacular use of flashes possible. In this chapter we will look at a number of different methods of creating this spectacular effect.

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