History's Greatest Hits: Famous Events We Should All Know by Joseph Cummins

By Joseph Cummins

During this unillustrated variation, Joseph Cummins recounts thirty-seven of the best-known episodes from the previous. not just does he relate and re-create those occasions in attractive model, he additionally analyzes their influence on next historical past and explains the explanations for his or her enduring popularity. Accompany Hannibal over the Alps with a herd of elephants and study what led him to aim any such daunting and outlandish venture. go the Delaware River with George Washington to find how his next raid on British-held Trenton, New Jersey, replaced the process the yankee Revolution. keep on with the British mild Brigade into the "Valley of Death" through the Crimean conflict and learn how this farcical army blunder was once immortalized via its rendition in verse.

We've all heard of those momentous occasions, yet how a lot will we particularly find out about them? And why will we be mindful them?

Inside readers locate thirty-seven in-depth money owed of the best occasions in history.

Gripping, revealing, and informative, History's maximum Hits is an interesting learn for historical past buffs, or a person looking to comprehend the area we are living in this present day.

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