Happy Days and Other Very Short Stories by Jake Allsop

By Jake Allsop

A set of 20 tremendous brief tales for intermediate scholars in English, overlaying a large choice of style from comedy to experience and set in nations corresponding to China, France, Israel and Britain. The textual content additionally encompasses a thesaurus, language perform routines and dialogue questions.

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We,ll mееt and plаy tеnnis. h) What job will you havе in twеnty years,timе? What will .... in twеnty yеars, timе? З7 Underlinethe сorrесtword or phrasеin eaсh sentеnсе. Whеn I was a сhi|d I usеd to ride/Iwаs riding a triсyсlе. That looks vеry hеaly. Will l/Shаll I hеlp you? I'm waiting for Suе. Hаve уou sееnher/Didуou sеeher? How |ong аre уou working/havеуou bееnworkiпg herе? I сan,t сomе out beсausеI hауеп,tf\nished/Ididn,t finish my homеwork yеt. Whеn thе phonе rang I wаshеd/Iwаs wаshiпgmy hair in thе bathroom.

D) I won,t lеavе until you will givе mе thе monеy. fl As soon as thе taxi will arrivе, I,ll bе lеtting you know. Will yоu havе bееn using thе vidеo nеxt lеsson? o\ By thе timе wе gеt to Hеlеn,s housе, shе,ll lеavе. ' З6 GRAммAR 4 9 F U тU R E 2 Rewrite eaсh sentenсe so that it сontains will/shollor going tq and thе verb underlined. а) How оlavins tеnnis? shлu we plаv tenлls? 4 .... . . b) I,vе dесidеd to stud}zArabiс in Сairo. с) I promisе to bе homе by midnight. d) I hopе to mееt you later.

B) Wе,ll havе lunсh outside in thе gатdеn, .. it,s too сold. с) John .......... win moте raсеsif hе trainеd hardеr. d) Come on! Wе hurry,wе,ll miss thе planе! you likе to sее my stamp сolleсtion? е) 0 Thе managеr won't bе long. you takе a sеat,pleasе. s) I,m surе that Conniе .. go to thе сinеma with you, if you askеd hеr. you fееl likе a сhat,phonе mе tonight. i) What .. you do if you saw a snakе? i) I don,t fееl happy 4 .. I swim еvеry day. Complеtе eaсh sentеnсе(a_|)with an ending (1-10).

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