Handbook of Modern Ferromagnetic Materials by Alex Goldman B.S., A.M., Ph.D. (auth.)

By Alex Goldman B.S., A.M., Ph.D. (auth.)

Below is a duplicate of Professor Takeshi Takei's unique preface that he wrote for my first publication, Modem Ferrite Teclmology. i used to be proud to obtain this preface and comprise it the following with delight and affection. We have been saddened to benefit of his demise at ninety two on March 12, 1992. Preface it's now a few 50 years in view that ferrites debuted as a tremendous new classification of magnetic fabrics. They have been prized for a number of houses that had no equivalents in present steel magnetic fabrics, and it was once no longer lengthy sooner than full-fledged examine and improvement efforts have been underway. this present day, ferrites are hired in a really wide variety of functions, and the efforts of the numerous women and men operating within the box are yielding many hugely exciting effects. New, high-performance items are showing one after one other, and it'll look we have now purely scratched the skin of the hidden chances of those interesting fabrics. Dr. Alex Goldman is definitely certified to speak about the cutting-edge in ferrites. for a few years Dr. Goldman has been seriously all for the sector as director of the learn and improvement department of Spang & Co. and different corporations. This ebook, Modem Ferrite know-how, established partially on his personal studies, provides a worthwhile assessment of the sector. it really is testimony to his dedication and bountiful wisdom approximately one oftoday's such a lot interesting components of technology.

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In other instances, especially where the cubic crystal structure is involved, certain oriented I --, ... 2- Reduction of magneto static energy by the formation of domains domain configurations may occur which lead to lowering of the energy of the system. 3. 3- Elimination of magneto static energy by the formation of closure domains called closure domains. In this configuration, the magnetic flux path never leaves the boundary of the material. Therefore, the magnetostatic energy is reduced. This type of structure may also be found at the outer surfaces of a material.

In most magnetic materials, to varying degree, the domain magnetization tends to align itself along one of the main Ctystal directions. This direction is called the easy direction of magnetization. Sometimes it is an edge of the cube and at other times, it may be a body diagonal. The difference in energy of a state 44 HANDBOOK OF MODERN FERROMAGNETIC MATERIALS where the magnetization is aligned along an easy direction and one where it is aligned along a hard direction is called the magnetocrystalline anisotropy energy.

When the atomic numbers are only 1 or 2 apart, this theory works well but not as well when they are 4-5 apart. 16 shows the atomic moments of alloys of Fe, Ni and Co as a function of their avemge number of electrons per atom. ANTIFERROMAGNETISM In ferromagnetism, the intemction of atomic spin moments was a positive one meaning that the exchange intemction aligned neighboring spins parallel in a magnetic domain. In his study of the paramagnetic susceptibility of certain alloys, Neel (1932) noticed that they did not follow the Curle law at low tempemtures but did obey the Curle-Weiss law at high tempemtures; BASICS OF MAGNETISM -SOURCE OF MAGNETIC EFFECT 35 X.

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