Half-marathon : a complete guide for women by Jeff Galloway

By Jeff Galloway

Writer of the best-seller Marathon you are able to do It!, Galloway now bargains with his spouse a cutting-edge publication at the hugely well known half-marathon distance specially for ladies. Jeff's trademarked run-walk-run process has helped millions of typical humans to get off the sofa, educate for marathons and half-marathons with out damage and has helped veterans to enhance instances. This e-book bargains a step by step software for ladies that begins with establishing your education every one week.

Jeff and Barbara will assist you to decide upon a pragmatic aim, and which routines are had to organize for numerous performances. The booklet is loaded with suggestions specifically for girls on the right way to remain influenced, do away with aches, pains, and accidents, with the minimal education had to get pleasure from different features of life.

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On long runs and the race itself, slow down when the temperature rises above 60F (14C) by 30 sec a mile for every 5 degrees above 60F or more (20 sec/km slower for every 2C above 14C). 6. Tuesday and Thursday runs can be done at the pace of your choice. 7. It is fine to do cross-training on Mon, Wed, and Fri. if you wish. There will be little benefit to your running in doing this, but you’ll increase your fat burning. Don’t do exercises like stair machines that use the calf muscle. 8. Be sure to take a vacation from strenuous exercise the day before your weekend runs.

What is my current level of performance? 2. This tells you what you are currently capable of running in a half-marathon (per mile) right now when the temperature is 60F (14C) or below, assuming that you have done the long runs and speed training listed in the schedule. If you want to improve, see the “Predicting Race Performance” section in this book. 3. What pace should I run on the long runs? 2) and add 3 minutes – the result is your suggested long run pace per mile on long runs at 60F (14C) or cooler.

48 © Thinkstock/iStockphoto/Fluid Illusion Primary Training Components # 8 Primary Training Components Long runs Run these very slowly, at least 3 min/mi slower than you could run in a half-marathon as predicted by your MM. Insert the walk breaks as suggested in the Run-Walk-Run chapter in this book – or more often. I have not found anyone who has run the long runs too slowly or has taken the walk breaks too often. Slower long runs build the same endurance as fast long runs – with reduced risk of injury or burnout.

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