Gymnastics 7-11: A Session by Session Approach to Key Stage by Maggie Carroll

By Maggie Carroll

Hugely winning significant other quantity for Key level 2 gymnastics

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Group 4 Teach backward roll. Groups 5 and 6 1 Slide along bench (a little way) on shoulders—legs high. Grip bench, twist to touch down feet on floor and roll across mat. 2 Final activity Grip box as appropriate. Keep control in legs to avoid over rotating. Jump on to bench, jump off, land roll into a balance. Children lean (with tension) against a piece of apparatus, arms straight. Bend and straighten arms 6 times. Keeping feet in same place. ) Teacher should control this station and ensure all the groups move through in 2 sessions.

2 Feel differences in leg action when sideways movement happening. 1 Practise bunny jumps (movements from feet to hands to feet). 1 Controlled and precise. Spread fingers, flatten hands, lock elbows. Keep head forward initially to prevent toppling over. ) 2 Kneel, hands on floor. Reach under one arm with the other twisting to reach as far as possible. Repeat using other arm. 2 Trunk mobility. 1 Experiment with different ways of travelling on hands and feet. 1 Articulate on combination, directions, tummy up/ down, etc.

2 a) Standing, stretch alternate arms upwards b) Standing, kick hand held at shoulder height in various directions. 2 Shoulder and hip mobility respectively. g. ). Travel across the floor using rolling, sliding or rocking movements. Articulate the various responses of the children to the class. 2 Repeat, ensuring that all three different actions are included. 2 Stop and discuss the differences between the 3 actions. 3 Repeat and on command change from sliding to rolling to rocking. 3 Essential to hold the body clearly and firmly in correct position during the whole action.

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