Green Fire (Silhouette Desire) by Stephanie James

By Stephanie James

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Her Kilt-Clad Rogue

Englishwoman Genevieve Fitzsimmons by no means anticipated she'd go back to the wilds of Scotland. and he or she definitely did not count on to turn into governess to the son of Connor Douglas, the guy with whom she shared her first kiss and her first heartbreak. the fellow who nonetheless intrigues her… For Connor, accountability capacity every little thing.

A Whiff of Death

Every body knew that Ralph Neufeld was once a cautious younger chemist, particularly his professor, Lou Brade. that is why Ralph's unintended loss of life as a result of a confusion of chemical substances struck Brade as hugely not likely. The police agreed.

Someone on campus had switched bottles on terrible Ralph and the outcome used to be as lethal as were deliberate. the difficulty used to be the entire correct suspects have been within the improper areas while it occurred. .. the entire mistaken suspects had the suitable causes. .. and the single individual such a lot certified to resolve the crime was once already being known as the killer!


Очередная брошюра из серии «Maler und Werk» о жизни и творчестве французского живописца-пейзажиста Мориса Утрилло (1883 - 1955). Книга иллюстрирована репродукциями картин и рисунками знаменитого художника.

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The second highwayman is our hero. " Rani asked skeptically. "According to the story. At any rate, the Clayborne lady was exceedingly grateful. She was allowed to proceed on her way. But the next evening she met the highwayman who had rescued her. " "How did she know who he was? " Flint shrugged. "The thing was, she was furious at the deception. She had been dreaming of a romantic highwayman only to discover he was just a staid neighbor who had inherited the next-door estate. Creighton realized he was in trouble and tried desperately to redeem himself.

Why? " "In a way. I'm in the process of changing careers, you see," Flint told him. " Mike tried to look politely interested. Rani decided it was time to step in and regain control of the situation. "Well, I don't. " "Sure there is," Flint said, looking offended. " "Perhaps you should be making a bit more of a creative effort," she suggested coolly as she glanced pointedly at her watch. " Flint shook his head. "Not tonight. " His green eyes glittered between his narrowed lashes as he looked at Mike.

Then he roiled off the windowsill, landed on all four feet on the counter and dived for the floor. He ambled across the room and stood waiting impatiently to have the kitchen door opened for him. With a sigh, Rani obediently got to her feet and performed the service. She watched him stalk out into the chilly sunlight. A moment later it became obvious where he was heading: straight for Flint's cottage. Rani leaned in the doorway, sipping her coffee and watching as the animal lazily made his way through the garden.

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