Former Leaders in Modern Democracies: Political Sunsets by Kevin Theakston, Jouke de Vries, K. Theakston, J. de Vries

By Kevin Theakston, Jouke de Vries, K. Theakston, J. de Vries

What comes subsequent for a former chief in a democracy - a primary Minister or President obliged to go away place of work simply because they've got misplaced an election, come to the top in their constitutionally-fixed time period, misplaced the backing in their social gathering, or selected to go away? This e-book analyses the function and political impact of former leaders in Western democratic states.

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His book about dealing with the global financial and banking crisis, Beyond the Crash (2010), could even be read as a 300page job application. But David Cameron killed off his chances by indicating that the British government would block any attempt by Brown to take the International Monetary Fund’s top job. As a consolation prize of sorts, Brown was given a role chairing a board made up of the heads of international organizations and government representatives, set up by the World Economic Forum, an international think tank, and charged with discussing the future of the global economic system and how to prevent financial crises.

Com/2010/nov/16, accessed on 19 January 2012. Hoff, J. (1996), ‘Researcher’s Nightmare: Studying the Nixon Presidency’, Presidential Studies Quarterly, 26 (Winter): pp. 259–75. Hoff Wilson, J. (1975), Herbert Hoover: Forgotten Progressive, Boston: Little, Brown. Hufbauer, B. (2005), Presidential Temples: How Memorials and Libraries Shape Public Memory, Lawrence: University of Kansas. Johnson, L. B. (1971), The Vantage Point: Perspectives on the Presidency 1963–1969, New York: Holt, Reinhard and Winston.

Half of the post-war premiers – Attlee in 1951, Douglas-Home in 1964, Heath in 1974, Callaghan in 1979, Major in 1997 and Brown in 2010 – became former prime ministers because they were evicted from office by the electorate. ) Major and Brown quit as party leaders immediately after their election defeats, but the others stayed on and served for varying periods as Leader of the Opposition before resigning or being forced out of that post. Of those who vacated office through resignation, only Wilson in 1976 really went voluntarily, surprising his party and the media.

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