Flash on English for Tourism by Catrin E. Morris

By Catrin E. Morris

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How to Teach for Exams

This article deals a radical research of how listening, conversing, interpreting and writing, in addition to grammar and vocabulary, are proven in a number assessments, besides applicable instructing ideas for every. additionally incorporates a consultant to all significant foreign English language assessments.

Experimenting with Uncertainty: Essays in Honour of Alan Davies: Studies in Language Testing

This Festschrift brings jointly 28 invited papers surveying the state-of-the-art in language trying out. The papers, by means of key figures within the box of language checking out, conceal concerns starting from try out build definition to the layout and purposes of language assessments, together with their significance as a method of exploring greater concerns in language instructing, language studying and language coverage.

Interlanguage Variation in Theoretical and Pedagogical Perspective

During this publication H. D. Adamson reports scholarship in sociolinguistics and moment language acquisition, evaluating theories of edition in first and second-language speech, with particular awareness to the mental underpinnings of version concept. Interlanguage is what moment language novices communicate.

English Grammar in Use

Книга для самостоятельно обучения английского языка для уровня intermediate. Четвертое издание. Диск к четвертому изданию книги English Grammar In Use with solutions: A Self-Study Reference and perform publication for Intermediate beginners of English содержит более three hundred дополнительных заданий.

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Use the dialogue above and the text in exercise 2 to help you. Student A: Hello, Student B: When I'm planning to take a group are you planning to travel? of tourists to southern Europe. 33 7 Answer these questions about European culture and history. 1 Where do most European cultures and civilisations originate? A Greece В Turkey С Russia 2 Which city is dominated by the Acropolis and the Parthenon rising above it? A Athens В Berlin С Paris 3 Which of these is one of the Seven Ancient Wonders of the World?

What would you advise? Once again, it depends on what type of holiday you want. Car hire is quite cheap and you're independent, but traffic is (6) especially in the big cities. Air travel is more expensive, but more relaxing and public transport is fun but it will be extremely (7) during the World Cup. I think we'd like to hire a car there. Can we book accommodation through you as well? Certainly! I'll (8) some costs and dates and get back to you as soon as possible. Customer: Travel Agent: 1 2 Work in pairs and take it in turns to role play conversations between a travel agent and a customer who wants to find out more information about the sporting events below.

3 The earliest form of ecotourism was in Belize. 4 The popularity of ecotourism can be a problem. 5 Ecotourism doesn't create jobs. 6 It is possible to make a lot of money from ecotourism. 7 Ecotourism is not a fast growing market in the tourism industry. 40 4 Are you a good ecotourist? Take this test and find out! When you're abroad, do you... 1 learn words and phrases in the local language and try to use them? Yes П NoD 2 only visit places that are listed in your guidebook? Yes Q NoD 3 use as much water as you want to wash your hair, body and YesD NOD 4 travel by public transport, hire a bike or walk?

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