Easier English Basic Synonyms by Howard Sargeant

By Howard Sargeant

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How to Teach for Exams

This article deals a radical research of how listening, conversing, examining and writing, in addition to grammar and vocabulary, are demonstrated in more than a few assessments, in addition to acceptable educating options for every. additionally features a advisor to all significant foreign English language tests.

Experimenting with Uncertainty: Essays in Honour of Alan Davies: Studies in Language Testing

This Festschrift brings jointly 28 invited papers surveying the cutting-edge in language trying out. The papers, via key figures within the box of language trying out, hide concerns starting from attempt build definition to the layout and purposes of language assessments, together with their significance as a way of exploring higher matters in language educating, language studying and language coverage.

Interlanguage Variation in Theoretical and Pedagogical Perspective

During this e-book H. D. Adamson stories scholarship in sociolinguistics and moment language acquisition, evaluating theories of version in first and second-language speech, with exact cognizance to the mental underpinnings of edition concept. Interlanguage is what moment language beginners converse.

English Grammar in Use

Книга для самостоятельно обучения английского языка для уровня intermediate. Четвертое издание. Диск к четвертому изданию книги English Grammar In Use with solutions: A Self-Study Reference and perform e-book for Intermediate newbies of English содержит более three hundred дополнительных заданий.

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Acquire (formal) to become the owner of something She has acquired a large collection of old books. fm Page 46 Tuesday, January 20, 2004 1:26 PM 46 give verb Synonyms: give, present, confer, donate, grant Antonyms: take, steal Synonyms: give to pass or send something to someone Give me another envelope, please. ć Can you give me some information about holidays in Greece? present to give something formally to someone His boss presented him with a large report to read ć When he retired, the firm presented him with a large clock.

Companion a person who is with someone She turned to her companion and said a few words. companion spent the whole journey sleeping. mate (informal) a friend, especially a man’s friend He’s gone to the pub with his mates. pal (dated informal) a friend She’s meeting some old school pals for lunch. fm Page 44 Tuesday, January 20, 2004 1:26 PM 44 funny adjective Synonyms: funny, comic, comical, humorous, witty, hilarious Antonyms: serious, solemn Synonyms: funny making people laugh He made funny faces and all the children laughed.

Object to say that you do not like something or you do not want something to happen He objected that the pay was too low. ć I object to her being given this private information. criticise to say that something or someone is bad or wrong She criticised their lack of interest and enthusiasm. ć The design of the new car has been criticised. condemn to say strongly that you do not approve of something She condemned the police for their treatment of the prisoners. fm Page 33 Tuesday, January 20, 2004 1:26 PM 33 dislike noun Synonyms: dislike, hatred, hate, disgust Antonym: liking Synonyms: dislike a feeling of not liking something or someone She had a great dislike of noisy parties.

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