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An item of black street-talk used especially by males, recorded in 2003. bangles n pl a. female breasts b. the testicles. By association with the idea of adornment, as in family jewels, and with ‘dangle’. Both usages are most often heard among teenagers and schoolchildren all over the English-speaking world. banjo’d bangtorighst bang to rights adj, adv British caught red-handed, without hope of escape. e. helpless, indefensible). Until the 1970s the term was part of the restricted codes of the police and underworld; since then the phrase has been given wider currency, particularly by the realist plays of G.

The slang for testicle has also been used as an insult by British junior-school pupils. ball and chain n a spouse, usually one’s wife. This jocular phrase was heard in English-speaking areas throughout the 20th century and is still sometimes used ironically. ball-breaker, ball-buster n a. a very aggressive, dominant or demanding woman b. an excessively hard taskmaster or martinet c. an exhausting, demanding task. Compare ball-tearer All these terms were adopted in Britain and Australia in the 1970s from American usage.

Bandit2 vb Caribbean to steal or borrow without permission. The term was recorded in Trinidad and Tobago in 2003. Synonyms are raf and sprang. bang1 vb 1. to have sex (with), fuck. The association with striking (as in the origin of the word ‘fuck’ itself) is said to suggest the masculine role in sex, but in practice the unaffectionate term can also apply to women, especially in Australian usage where it is more common than in America. In Britain ‘bang’ in this sense has only been widely understood since the late 1960s.

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