Days of our lives lie in fragments: new and old poems, by George P. Garrett

By George P. Garrett

Even if George Garrett is better identified for his remarkable fiction, he has additionally written a wide physique of really good poetry. This beneficiant compilation, brings jointly the paintings of virtually a half-century and provides to it a few forty-three new poems.

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Calls him one of the "bad boys'' of contemporary southern fiction, among whom Brinkmeyer also includes Harry Crews (in A Feast of Snakes) and Cormac McCarthy (in Child of God).  .  . "1 1. David Madden, "Barry Hannah's Geronimo Rex in Retrospect," Southern Review, XIX (1983), 315; Robert H. , March 1, 1996. Page 2 Barry Hannah's fiction bountifully repays the effort required of the readerand it does require some effortnot only because of its postmodern style but also because of the hard truths Hannah shows us about the conditions of contemporary life.

Part of Chapter 1 was first published as "'The Whole Lying Opera of It': Dreams, Lies, and Confessions in the Fiction of Barry Hannah," Mississippi Quarterly, XLIV (Summer, 1991), 41128, and is reprinted by permission. Portions of Chapter 2 were first published as "Debunking the Unitary Self and Story in the War Stories of Barry Hannah," Southern Literary Journal, XXVII (Spring, 1995), 96106, and are reprinted by permission. Part of Chapter 3 first appeared as "Debunking Some Illusions About Self and Story in the Surfiction of Barry Hannah," in Creative and Critical Approaches to the Short Story, ed.

Instead, Hannah's characters demonstrate an incipient moral consciousness because they already know, as the narrator-protagonist of Ray says, that "something's wrong" (102). Their eagerness to confess their culpability modifies the comic grotesque and thus further complicates the task of assigning genre to works already problematical because of their mixing of real and fictional characters and events. Like Oates's characters, Han- 14. Oates, quoted in "Joyce Carol Oates: Writing as a Natural Reaction," Time, October 10, 1969, p.

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