Danois Sans Peine by Jean-Francois Battail et Karl Ejby Poulsen

By Jean-Francois Battail et Karl Ejby Poulsen

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If there are any positive results from the Trinity examination on the admission of pupils, it is reasonable to suppose that all the advantages would be secured in still greater measure, and that all the drawbacks and defects would be obviated or avoided, if it were extended to the whole University. The difficulties of detail, to which Mr Martin refers, could not exist if the influence of resident fellows did not control all the operations of the University. The objection raised on behalf of those, who wish to use the University as a mere access to holy orders, appears to me particularly untenable.

F Ibid. 257 sqq. $ Observations on the Cambridge System, by the Kev. A. H. A. pp. 14, 15. 34 UNIVERSITY TEACHING. no inducement whatever to continue their exertions beyond the mere fact of not having yet provided themselves with satisfactory permanent situations in other quarters. There exists also, not unfrequently, a great accumulation of subjects upon the shoulders of a single tutor or lecturer. There will probably, in most cases, be several mathematical lecturers, but Latin, Greek, and Theology are often accumulated upon the shoulders of a single individual ; and how the Colleges are to adapt their system to the addition of the moral and natural sciences, I have never even heard suggested.

At any rate there is no doubt in the minds of those who have studied the subject, that, in spite of their various merits and the importance of their endowments, the Colleges interpose the greatest obstacles to the free play of our academical agency. While they do not spend any part of their revenues on the education of the undergraduates, they oblige all undergraduates to pay for such education as they furnish by becoming members of some College, and, by virtue of the revolution forced upon the University by the Elizabethan Statutes4, usurp the rights belonging to the University as such.

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