Dangerous Waters: Modern Piracy and Terror on the High Seas by John S. Burnett

By John S. Burnett

Whereas crusing by myself one evening within the delivery lanes throughout one of many busiest waterways on this planet, John Burnett used to be attacked by way of pirates. via sheer ingenuity and just a little of good fortune, he survived, and his stunning firsthand adventure turned the muse for this e-book. Dangerous Waters charts the resurgence of piracy in recent times and divulges why it poses an important danger to our security and safety.

Today's breed of pirates are usually not the colourful cutthroats painted by way of the historical past books. not like the romantic pictures from yesteryear of Captain Hook, lengthy John Silver, and Blackbeard, they are often neighborhood seamen searching for a short ranking, hugely knowledgeable guerrillas, rogue army devices, or former seafarers recruited by way of subtle crime organisations. Armed with machetes, attack rifles, and grenade launchers, they thieve out in speedboats and fishing boats looking for supertankers, shipment ships, passenger ferries, cruise ships, and yachts, attacking them at port, at the open seas, and in overseas waters. whole ships, shipment, and crews easily vanish, hijacked via pirates operating for multinational crime syndicates; those modern day ghost ships happen later carting unlawful immigrants to the U.S. or operating medicinal drugs. Burnett probes this harmful international of thievery and mayhem, from the life-and-death struggles of courageous captains and their crews, to the pirate hunters with bounties on their heads, and to the shadowy teams themselves who hire those ruthless, modern day mercenaries.

A dauntless research right into a chilling phenomenon, Dangerous Waters is an epic, breathtaking glossy story of the ocean.

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