Bike, scooter, and chopper projects for the evil genius by Brad Graham

By Brad Graham


Want to take your evil skills at the highway? Bike, Scooter, and Chopper tasks for the Evil Genius has every little thing you want to morph your outdated, undesirable wheels into remarkable, totally useful automobiles. you can now gas your inventive aspect, preserve strength, and get the place you want to select severe angle!

Dozens of images during the construction approach assist you create those rad rides, a few that you simply strength your self and a few that might propel you for wide distances with simply the rush of a button, operating on low-cost energy acquired from a wall socket or the sunlight. every one venture may be transformed, combined jointly, and customised, allowing you to create actually 1000's of recent devices-the basically restrict is your imagination!

  • Features illustrated directions and plans for greater than thirteen hugely targeted tasks, all of which are equipped utilizing simply to be had components and some uncomplicated instruments.
  • Shows you the way to fully dismantle a customary bicycle as a way to twist it into whatever even more evil.
  • Gives you replacement layout principles that depart room that you should combine or switch the tasks to fit your personal evil schedule.
  • Learn new talents and glance cool - this e-book is for everybody with a wish to chop and create. storage hackers unite!

Regardless of your ability point, Bike, Scooter, and Chopper initiatives for the Evil Genius will arm you with the abilities you wish with a view to churn out your personal evil rides. seriously look into what's on our Evil Genius drafting board…

Attitude and Style

  • Gladiator Chopper Trike
  • Old Skool angle
  • The Whipper Snapper

      Speed and Comfort

      • StreetFox Tadpole Trike
      • DeltaWolf Racing Trike
      • Little Warrior Trike

      Alternative Transportation

      • Ucan2 HandCycle
      • SpinCycle Vortex
      • SkyStyle Tallbike

      Electric Power

      • Sparky MiniBike
      • LongRanger motorcycle
      • Silent Speedster
      • Kids electrical Trike

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Example text

If you want to follow along exactly, grab the axle and turn it counterclockwise so the initial spokes tighten right up. You may want a helper to turn the axle for you so you can free up both hands for the rest of the job. Also note that a spoke nipple may be caught outside the hole in the rim, so wiggle the axle or offending spoke(s) until they all drop in their holes and tighten up as you twist the axle. Now have a look at Figure 2-26 and trace the spoke indicated by the large arrow back to the hub flange.

The spoke indicated by the large circle is the neighbor to the left, and the rim holes between the two spokes are numbered from 1 to 6. The little arrow on the hub flange is pointing to the new crossing spoke and his neighbor to the left. If this does not make sense, then read it again and study the photo; your helper will just have to be patient! 26 effect on the wheel, so go ahead and turn the spoke nipples two full turns each as you work around the rim, starting at the valve hole. Do both sides at the same time, and keep working around the rim until you can no longer make two full turns on each nipple.

Too much is always better than too little! and try again. Perfection is not necessary, but obvious flaws should be repaired. I also recommend you tape up the spoke holes when welding to avoid spatter in the holes. If you are happy with the hub flange alignment, then add two more tack welds and recheck your work. With four solid tack welds, you can then weld the entire joint as shown in Figure 2-16, using a good solid bead all the way around. Don’t worry about beauty here—just fill in the area with solid weld metal, and it will be ground flush later.

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