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See if you can write a program that will draw the figure at the end of Chapter 2. CHAPTER FOUR Sound And Graphics Together So far you have learned to make some sounds and also to create some graphics with your AT ARI Computer. In this chapter you will learn to make sound and graphics together. You will also learn an easy way to make the computer playa melody with READ and DATA statements. Let's start with a graphics program using some of the things you learned in the last chapter: 1 REM *** SOUND AND COLOR 10 GRAPHICS 3 20 COLOR 1 30 PLOT 10,10 when you ENTER this correctly and RUN it, the machine plots a point in column 10, row 10.

First you get: • Then when you ENTER another no te value, you get anoth er question mark. Type a number for duration and press RETURN. Now it plays the note ! 49 50 ATARI SOUND AND GRAPHICS The complete listing now looks like this: 1 REM * ** SOUND AND COLOR 10 GRAPHICS 3 20 COLOR 1 30 PLOT 10 , 10 100 REM ** CHOOSE 120 INPUT N YOUR NOTE 150 REM ** DURATION 170 INPUT Z 200 210 REM ** VOICE 0 PLAYS MIDDLE C SOUND 0 , N, 10 , 10 300 310 320 REM ** PAUSE-NOTE ON FOR P=l TO Z NEXT P 400 410 420 REM * * ERASE DOT COLOR 0 PLOT 10 , 10 500 510 800 REM ** VOICE 0 OFF SOUND 0 , 0 , 0 , 0 GOTO 120 PRINT STATEMENTS The computer can print instructions in th e tex t window to make things clearer.

Hint: COLOR 3 is clark blue. Try experimenting a bit on your own to get a feeling for PLOT statements and DRA WTO statements. GRAPHICS MODE 4 Okay, let's have a look at another graphics mode . Graphics mod e 4 fills the screen with 80 columns and 40 rows numbered as follows: Columns (0- 79) Rows (0-39) o 1 2 3 ••• 79 o 1 2 3 39 To fill the same amount of screen s pace with twi ce as many columns and rows , the computer must plot sma ller points. 4 then: COLOR 1 and then: PLOT 10, 8 Now, you should see a mu ch small er dot on the screen than you saw using graphics mod e 3.

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