Animal Playtime by DK Publishing

By DK Publishing

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Watch younger animals discover ways to play, and play to learn!

Children know about lifestyles by way of enjoying, and so do plenty of lovable animals. Following on from the highly profitable titles Animal households, and massive infants, Little infants, Animal Playtime takes a playful peek at child lions chewing on daddy's tail, polar endure cubs utilizing their mom's bushy physique as a mountain climbing body, and a tender monkey attempting to get away a parent's clutches to head off together with his friends.

Using easy language that kids will comprehend, Animal Playtime is for teenagers to percentage with their mom and dad, and for them to discover through themselves, encouraging their delight in interpreting and encouraging them to find extra in regards to the impossible to resist creatures that scamper via its pages.

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Otters are incredibly playful. They like to play chase with other otters—when they’re not busy sliding down muddy banks or snowy slopes. 28 Caught you! Now it’s your turn. Try to catch me! Speeding along Otters enjoy running, but tobogganing is even more fun. They slide along on their stomachs before diving into the water with a splash. Let’s see who can dive the deepest. Playing together Most otters live in familes, and they form close bonds. Otters like jumping on their brothers and sisters and rolling over in pretend fights.

It adds a protective layer to their skin, helping to stop sunburn and prevent insect bites. 40 Playing in the mud Elephants like to spend time together, and moms and babies share messy mud baths. It’s lots of fun and keeps them healthy. Elephants live in groups called herds. They all help each other. If a baby elephant gets stuck in mud, it’s not long before an adult or two will help it out. I’m going to win this trunk-wrestling game! Mud, glorious mud Does your mom get mad when you get muddy? Elephant moms don’t!

Or birds that lives together. pride a group of lions foal a horse that is less than one year old. that lives and hunts together. grooming when an refuge an animal refuge animal cleans its fur or another animal’s fur. herd a large group of is a place of safety, where injured animals are cared for and rare animals are protected. hoofed animals that lives or travels together. troop a group of monkeys. hunt the way in which an animal follows its prey. 62 Picture credits The publisher would like to thank the following for their kind permission to reproduce their photographs: (Key: a-above, b-below/bottom; c-center; f-far; l-left; r-right; t-top) Bye, bye!

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