Am I Good Enough?. Preparing for Life's Final Exam by Andy Stanley

By Andy Stanley

I Ask Myself each Day..."Am I strong Enough?" Christians declare that Jesus is the one technique to heaven. yet how may perhaps an excellent God, who created the complete universe in all its variety, be so proscribing? Is Christianity unfair? isn't really it extra becoming to think that reliable humans from any spiritual or nonreligious heritage visit heaven, instead of humans from one specific trust procedure? perhaps now not, says Andy Stanley. during this up to date version of the bestselling booklet, youngster readers will discover why Jesus taught that goodness isn't really even a demand to go into heaven--and why Christianity is past reasonable. Andy Stanley leads the following new release of kids to a thankful wisdom of God's huge, immense grace and mercy.

If merely stable humans visit heaven,

would I make the lower?

If Christianity is right,

why is God so narrow-minded?

And why usually are not the solutions obvious?!

They are. discover why being "good enough"...

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I ran across a quote from him that speaks to the general feeling that most of us have when it comes to religious uncertainty. ”1 Now that’s helpful, isn’t it? Even Gandhi didn’t find certainty in religion. To Grandmother’s House We Go Several years ago my wife, Sandra, walked into our kitchen, sat down on the bar stool, and announced that she wanted to make a special trip to her hometown for the purpose of talking to her aging grandmother, Helen, about eternity. I was surprised. Helen was almost ninety at the time.

His contemporaries understood exactly what he was saying. He wasn’t offering yet another version of good guys win. He was here to establish a new order. So they crucified him. “They” being men who believed with all their hearts that good people—lawkeepers, not lawbreakers—go to heaven. And yet just about everybody has good things to say about Jesus. Every major cult has adopted parts of his teachings. Even Muhammad, the founder of Islam, had great respect for Jesus—he believed that Jesus was, in fact, a true prophet of God.

You probably don’t either. I mentioned that I talked to a lady who was present that day. She said that years later, many from that congregation confessed that they were ashamed of the way they had acted that day. As the world changed around them, they saw how wrong they had been. What they viewed as an effort to protect their church during one season of their lives was later viewed as pure racism. My point? We change. And as we change, our values, morals, and ethics change. So which standard does God use?

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