Active Terahertz Metamaterial for Biomedical Applications by Balamati Choudhury, Arya Menon, Rakesh Mohan Jha

By Balamati Choudhury, Arya Menon, Rakesh Mohan Jha

This booklet describes a metamaterial-based energetic absorber for power biomedical engineering purposes. Terahertz (THz) spectroscopy is a vital device for imaging within the box of biomedical engineering, because of the non-invasive, non-ionizing nature of terahertz radiation coupled with its propagation features in water, which permits the operator to acquire high-contrast photographs of dermis cancers, burns, and so on. with out unsafe results. for you to faucet this large strength, it is very important construct hugely effective biomedical imaging structures via introducing terahertz absorbers into biomedical detectors. the most important problem confronted within the fulfilment of this target is the inability of evidently taking place dielectrics, that is triumph over with using artificially engineered resonant fabrics, viz. metamaterials. This ebook describes any such metamaterial-based lively absorber. The layout has been optimized utilizing particle swarm optimization (PSO), finally leading to an ultra-thin energetic terahertz absorber. The absorber indicates close to cohesion absorption for a tuning diversity of terahertz (THz) application.

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The resonant frequency of resonance changes with rotation of the inner by an angle θ (Fig. 26). The new resonant frequency can be obtained using Eq. (37) by solving Eqs. (38)–(40). fo ¼ 1 sffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffi ðp þ kÞ2 À h2 2p 2ro L Cpul 2ðp þ kÞ ð37Þ 34 Active Terahertz Metamaterial for Biomedical Applications Fig. 25 3 × 2 absorber array with CSRR unit cell Fig. 26 Rotation of inner ring by an angle θ with respect to outer ring where, L is the inductance of CSRR (Eq. 40), ro is the radius of the inner ring, Cpul is the per unit length capacitance between the rings, and k is a value calculated as: k¼ Cg ro Cpul ð38Þ 4 Design and Result Analysis 35 where, gap capacitance, Cg is given as Cg ¼ eo wh ; g ð39Þ where h is substrate thickness, w is the width of the rings, and g is the length of the gap in the rings.

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8, a plane wave 3 Methodology Fig. 8 Diagram showing the E-fields in a slab of material with the given material parameters 19 x μο, εο, ηο Ein, Hin Efor, Hfor Etrans, Htrans μο, ε ο, ηο μs, ε s, ηs Eref, Href Eback, Hback z z=d y propagating in the z direction is incident on a slab of material with permittivity εs and permeability μs. The impedance of the material is given as ηs. Let, μo, εo, and ηo represent the permeability, permittivity, and impedance of free space. Further, let the E-field of the incident wave be in the x direction.

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