Action Philosophers! 07 - Its all Greek to You! - October by Evil Twin Comics

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He once told an interviewer but he became too ruined Hitler same thing happened to him that and Mussolini. Kelly said If you don t run the organization and its members , they ll run you, ' He argued that you have to be the boss to be successful. Kennelly is a different type, He says it a discussion leader instead of a politician. " Kennelly s idea of a beautiful world " one of the public housing leaders once said to sit around a table and have the opposing parties come to an agreement for which he would take the credit , without ever having opened his mouth, "32 The way the Council worked under Kennelly at the time of the public housing site selection struggle was described by Thomas Times Drennan , a seasoned observer of City Hall who was the Sunpolitical columnist: As finance committee boss in control of over $200, 000, 000 a year for city expenditures " Drennan wrote Duffy has been able to set up some order among the rambunctious lads in the council.

POLITICS PLANNING AND THE PUBLIC INTEREST II, mitteeman , the aldennan , and their cronies was seldom clear; indeed , in many wards no real distinction could be made between the coffers of the party and the pockets of the boss: the ward organization " belonged" to the boss. * The most profitable favors were of course those done for illegal enterprises, In giving protection to gambling joints , unlawful taverns , and houses of prostitution some politicians joined with racketeers to form a criminal syndicate.

POLITICS PLANNING AND THE PUBLIC INTEREST -most often insurance or legal service (more than half of them were lawyers), Being an alderman was , of course , very good for ............... business, Ii: Ordinarily, even if he were so inclined an alc1f'rm~TJ. could not concern himself deeply with the larger issues of city government or take a city-wide view of important problems, If he wanted to stay in office , he had to devote all of his available tim e and atten tion to the s 0 the rou s that made up his ward.

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