100 Poems from the Japanese by Kenneth Rexroth

By Kenneth Rexroth

The poems are drawn mainly from the conventional Manyoshu, Kokinshu and Hyakunin Isshu collections, yet there also are examplaes of haiku and different later types. The sound of the japanese texts i reproduced in Romaji script and the names of the poets within the calligraphy of Ukai Uchiyama. The translator's creation offers us uncomplicated history at the background and nature of jap poetry, that's supplemented through notes at the person poets and an in depth bibliography.

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31 Standing by my bed In gold sandals Dawn that very moment awoke me ——SAPPHO I. — “ PURELY VISUAL”/LEUR RÔLE EST DONC PUREMENT SPECTACUL AIRE. MATISSE, JAZZ OR SHE FELL VERY SLOWLY TAKE: DRIVING through a pattern of girders and shadows 33 II. ” 34 GALLERY MATISSE, THE PIANO LESSON —“architectonic”: I read that—the shadowed stage left of his son’s face, a précis inverting the shaft of green (sunlight through a window) repeating the pyramid metronome. He’s not as young as he looks, the lad. Tick, tock.

Handle—as object; role of the; its shadow. [hand : envelope : letter : hand] 44 Action, once removed? ) Then again, mine . . Her gift—“in return”—from the first decade of our thirty-four-year correspondence, a selection of my letters now ‘returned to sender’ carefully mounted in a cord-tied, brocade-covered album, each in its opened, original envelope. - to 15-cent) stamps. Re-read with—Vermeer, maybe Hopper? Richter—fascinated apprehension, proceeding from (as Preface) a few notes from high school “still” folded for passing and set—like the envelopes—in photo corners: to unseat, unfold, hold one for reading.

Has painted the woman gazing, and background, her entire surroundings . . (save himself and that [unsaved] half)—a thought. ) 37 KOI (I) was doing my best to see them, what with the reflection 38 KOAN “Everyone knows the sound of two hands clapping. ” COINED ‘Violinisting’: coined. Then I leant on it. The practice of askew until skewed feels like comfort (“a learned thing”). Restful? Zzzz—then I slept on it—sawed, a swaying (pitched), tuning fork, metronome . . 39 awoke in the dark. Certainly electronic; I tried to listen in triplets or randomness—tick, tock—the lyric, based on a pendulum.

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