The Facilities




 Magome Chaya Minshuku Guesthouse is an all-traditional family-owned Japanese inn. With its 18th century Japanese architectural style, elegant decoration and quality facilities, we provide professional services with a touch of Japanese hospitality and a home-like atmosphere for your delightful stay in Magome.

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Magome Chaya Minshuku Guesthouse is located at No. 4296 Magome Naktsugawa, Gifu, Japan. The guesthouse is a 2-storey high, wooden-made building providing a total of 13 guest rooms.



It consists of 6-small tatami rooms (good for 2 persons)



5-medium tatami rooms (good for 3-4 persons)

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and 2-large tatami rooms (good for 4-5 persons).


Each room is air-conditioned and has its own heating system to be used whenever it’s cold. To entertain the guests, a small TV is also in place. We provide futons in each of the rooms and encourage our guests to make and fix their own place to sleep on. Guests can use up to 4 futons. Face towels, toothbrushes, bathrobes and other basic bathroom amenities are also provided by the guesthouse.



There is also a common room for the guests to lounge in and a designated area outside for those who smoke.



A vending machine is also in place near the entrance of the guesthouse as you can see at the right side of this photo.



This is the staff room. Guests can always ring the bell located at the monkey chair if ever they need help on something.




At this hallway, you can actually see Mt. Ena right away.

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There is a small kitchen that our guests can use. If ever they don’t want to avail our food they are free to use the kitchen appliances that we have such as, an oven-toaster, an electric kettle and a refrigerator to make their own. There is a convenient store near the guesthouse so there won’t be any problem if guests want to buy any kind of food. We don’t serve coffee and tea but they are available at the lounge beside the kitchen so guests can just make their own.



We have 2 common bathrooms for our guests, one for our male guests and one for our female guests. It’s not as big as the ones that we usually see in the hot springs but it’s larger than an ordinary home bathroom. Guests can use the shower anytime and they can also use it with whether hot or cold water. There are three showerheads in each of the common bathrooms.

When it comes to the bathtub, its dimension is 80cmX140cm. We do suggest the guests to use it between 4:30PM and 10:30PM because it takes time to warm the water up.
Not all of us are used to take a bath with other people. That’s the reason why there is a lock inside the bathroom if ever guests need some privacy.



We have a total of 8 wash basins. 2 on the first floor and 2 on the second floor for our male guests and also 2 on the first floor and 2 on the second floor for our female guests. There’s also an extra wash basin right on the corridor.


When it comes to the toilets, we have 2 urinals and a toilet bowl on the first floor and 2 urinals and 2 toilet bowls on the second floor for our male guests. We also have 3 toilet bowls on the first floor and 3 toilet bowls on the second floor for our female guests. We always keep the toilets clean so there’s no need for guests to worry.





We have a laundry room with 2 washing machines and a dryer available for our guests who are going to stay a little longer. These are also the washing machines that we use for the guesthouse’s laundry. Guests can use the washing machine plus the detergent for 200 yen per 30 minutes and another 200 yen for the dryer. It is not coin-operated so you just have to ask us first and pay us directly.



At the back of the guesthouse, we have an available parking space for our guests. It can fit 10 to 12 vehicles. We have set up signs in English and Japanese so guests can locate it easier.

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