Magome Chaya Minshuku Guesthouse is an all-traditional family-owned Japanese inn that started about 70 years ago. A “minshuku” is generally a small Japanese style building that serves as an inexpensive place to stay in. They serve their guests with Japanese home-style cooking in a home-like atmosphere and pride themselves on their personalized service.
Magome Chaya Minshuku Guesthouse is currently managed by its 3rd generation owner, Norihiro Hasegawa, with the help of his Filipina wife, Maria, and his sister-in-law, Jenelyn. Mr. Hasegawa inherited the guesthouse from his father 10 years ago. His family has been living in Magome since the 1870’s and he dedicates himself on continuing the tradition of quality service through Japanese hospitality.



Left to right: Jenelyn and Maria


Magome Chaya Minshuku Guesthouse is located at No. 4296 Magome Nakatsugawa, Gifu, Japan near the beautiful and majestic Mt. Ena.


Magome is famous for being a post town of Nakasendo, an ancient historical rail road used by the Japanese during the Edo Period (1603-1867). Japanese royalties and their knights used to stay in town to rest before they go out to travel again. Nowadays, people from Magome pride themselves by restoring and maintaining the town’s natural, cultural and historical beauty.


What was once a busy road is now a famous destination for tourists from around the world for its picturesque sceneries and the unique experience of life from the past.